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Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Dear Ethix, Thank you very much for your proposal on the “Youth action on climate change” contest. Your proposal was among the 15 which the Fellows pre-selected for the Judges but unfortunately, it didn’t make it to the semi-finals. The creativity and readiness of it were particularly appreciated by the Judges. It would indeed be a plus for young people to have access to such a “hub” to take their projects forward. However, the Judges also noted that the - relative - lack of originality of this concept was not made up for by convincing details on how it would be implemented. The focus is too large (congestion, recycling, conflict resolution…) but also too small (a social café as a way of achieving all of this, with a narrow geographical focus). Clearly, young people would benefit from such a space, but the fact that could hardly create and manage it themselves is also a weak point in the proposal. The Judges felt that the proposal would need to be focussed more to be realisable. Thanks again for your contribution, and best of luck in participating in future CoLab contests or taking this idea to other avenues! Best, Antoine on behalf of the “Youth action” fellows
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