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Climate Colab

Oct 2, 2014


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Message from the Judges: The Elders would like to congratulate the winner but also all those who took part as the level of entries demonstrate the creativity and imagination that is now so evident in bringing about a transition to a carbon neutral future. “Our hope lies with the youth around the globe who are embracing the challenges of climate change and finding solutions. We salute you and encourage you, as the crisis is real and it is urgent that we act. Now. Not tomorrow”. - Gro Harlem Brundtland, Deputy Chair of the Elders and Former Prime Minister of Norway and Mary Robinson, Elder, former President of Ireland and current UN Climate Envoy.

Shahla Salah

Oct 2, 2014


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[Originally posted Aug. 07, 2014, 06:17 AM EDT] Youth involvement in sustainable development as key stakeholders… Youth, key stakeholders for Sustainable Development Our people and especially young generations are mostly affected by climatic changes in atmosphere due to gases and industrials wastages around the community, which causes health problems such as lungs and kidney diseases. Young people are socially conscious and active agents of change, responsible and idealist, as well as well-versed in technology. They are great role models for society. Hence, the YPARD-Pakistan provides a platform to demonstrate the initiatives and celebrate the “Youth and Environmental Challenges”. we are willing to engage the youth in developing activities and drive the environmental initiatives for innovative campaigning, advocacy as well as volunteer contribution. YPARD-Pakistan would like to enhance the impact of such initiatives through dialogues with involvement of young people to lead the program in their areas and regions for compressing the environmental challenges. For this purpose, i would like to request honorable people of Climate Club to support our Country's youth for further development and sustainability of environmental changes in the country. By prmoting YPs we will have better place to live. thank you very much, Looking forward to hearing from the community who is interested to support Young professionals and Youth. Kind Regards, Shahla
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