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To using sustainable energy to discard the use of fossil fuel and to plant trees to reduce amount of GHGs from the atmosphere.



Climate Change has its great effect on developing nations. It has threatened the lives of people living in such venerable areas. Pollution created by human activities is one of the major reasons that results into climate change as pollution give rise to level of heat trapping gases in the atmosphere. When heat from sun is trapped, it cause increase in average temperature and result climate crisis. In context of developing country like Nepal, etc people living in rural areas of such country mostly depends upon firewood and fossil fuel like coal  for daily purpose like cooking, etc. In urban areas people use vehicles. Old engine vehicles and greater number of vehicles help in increasing heat trapping gasses. So, by such kinds of activities carried out in urban as well as rural areas temperature gets increasing and results global warming and climate change. Only if sources of pollutants will be reduced and some measures will be taken to reduce Green House Gases (GHGs), the effect that was created by previously used pollutants will be solved and warming of average temperature of earth will be reduced and climate crisis can be solved with simple steps of all of us.

What actions do you propose?

  • Instead of using fossil fuel, promotion of sustainable energy and use of it can help to stop the emission of Greenhouse Gases(GHGs). It makes possible to limit the GHGs level in the atmosphere.    
  • Planting trees and algae farming. Plantation of trees helps to reduce the earlier emitted GHGs from atmosphere.
  •  Algae are more effective than tree plantation. It absorbs more CO2 than tree and release oxygen.


Who will take these actions?

Any organization can conduct awareness and tree plantation can be carried out by local people. Government with the help of INGOs, NGOs and local organizations can bring new policy to substitute use of fossil fuel using solar energy, sustainable, renewable and perpetual resources.

Where will these actions be taken?

It can be taken in any part of the world.


What are other key benefits?

Uses of sustainable energy can be used instead non renewable energy. It also reduces pollution. Trees can be source of food and wood for the people. Plantation of trees in the bank of river helps to solve such disasters.  Climate change cause change in precipitation pattern. It decreases the days of rainfall and increases the amount of rainfall. Excess rainfall may cause disasters like flood. Plantation also is useful for solving natural disasters. Solar Energy can also fulfill the demand of electricity in countries like Nepal where there is problem of load shedding.

What are the proposal’s costs?

It doesn't cost much. It mainly requires fund mainly for the following-

-For meeting.

-For carrying out awareness campaign.

-Use of various materials to demonstrate people about the benefits they can get by using sustainable energy and plantation.

Time line

It is medium term (15-50 years) project. It may take longer period of time but it will prove out to be more effective that other measures.

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