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Canisters filled with high pressure air,that will release the air into a tidal wave to disrupt its single amplitutde, crashing the wave



1. The idea is to use steel lined, cement air tanks ( 20 ft. diameter x 10 ft. high) and place them in the oceans along fault lines that are close to shore.

2. These tanks will have an elbow type release valve, with a large pressure plate attached so that it will catch the water weight of a tidal wave when it occurs, releasing the high pressure air into the wave. 

3. The air will break into countless low density bubbles, disrupting the single amplitude of the wave, making the wave fight itself, and slowing down, and piling up, water behind the low density zone. Making the wave crash upon itself.

4. These steel lined cement air tanks should be easily repaired by an underwater submersible, and therefore refillable.  

What actions do you propose?

1. The melting of glaciers is increasing the water weight contained in the oceans, and the weight on the oceans floors. While the weight on the land diminishes by the same amount.

2. This redistribution of water weight is causing an increase in seismic, and volcanic activity across the globe.

3. Thus these tidal wave preventers will effectively reduce the loss of lives and property caused by tidal waves, caused due to seismic unrest.

Who will take these actions?


Where will these actions be taken?

Everywhere where fault lines below the oceans lie close to inhabited lands.

What are other key benefits?

Saving lives, nature and property from the destruction caused by tidal waves and pr

What are the proposal’s costs?


A boat with a crane, and air pumps, equipment, air tanks, submersible, and  a barge to tow and carry the air tanks.

I would guess 15 million to equip? 

Costs would run maybe??  $9,000 per mile of coast permanently protected?? 

Maybe 100 per mile yearly upkeep.   

Time line


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