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Joellen Raderstorf

Jan 19, 2016


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I am curious to know more! Clustering around shared value. How would you start articulating this in the climate change world? I am hungry for examples and excited to do more exploration.

Carsten Pedersen

Jan 20, 2016


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Thank you for your comment and interest :)

A case of shared value that focuses on climate change could be the wind energy cluster in Denmark (think Silicon Valley for wind energy). Denmark is a global wind power hotspot, as the country has a long tradition within renewable energy, where public research, industry and local communities have seen the potential to co-create shared value by focusing on wind power. As a result this cluster, 40% of Denmark's electricity consumption is produced by means of wind power and the goal is to reach 50% by 2020. However, this has similarly provided Denmark a competitive business advantage within wind power, as appr. 75% of the world's offshore wind turbines are either Danish-produced or have Danish developed foundations and components. Moreover, Denmark attracts companies, investments and talents within wind power, which reinforces their position.