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Finn Woelm

Jan 28, 2016


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Love the idea! Particularly the focus on effectiveness and tangibility.

At Naropa, Community Table Kitchen (amazing organization, check them out!) just took over the responsibility for running our three cafes. Students, administration, and Community Table Kitchen have expressed great interest in greening our cafes. Admittedly, the impact of greening the Naropa cafe does not compare to the impact of greening the CU cafeteria — but if you wanted another potential site for prototyping, I believe we would be very interested! Obviously I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but if you are interested, I can look into it more and connect you with the right people :)

In any case: Amazing proposal. Please make this happen!

Laura Levesque-catalano

Mar 29, 2016


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Brilliant Concept with multifaceted benefits.  Making a strong influence amongst kids is a great in-roads to changing family dinners at home. I also love Green Commons Luncheon.  It's a great way network, forge alliances and combine efforts to move the needle.  Very creative and comprehensive!