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Marketing such a site will be a big challenge . . . Might need to be proactive about getting the information into the hands of prospect investors.

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Judges'' comments Yes. There’s a market and need for that. This can be potentially groundbreaking. I have a few thoughts/concerns: 1. This has to be a serious endeavor because of the investment perspective (i.e. money change hands). Before the launch, you will need to have hired a developer with solid computer/web skills and also a financial person with the skills to navigate the investment market - the market you’re trying to tackle. 2. I’d suggest that you approach angel investors once you have a prototype, unless you’re willing to put down serious amount of your own money into the company to make the hires. Check out Rocky Ventures Club and also talk to Denver’s Impact Finance Center. It’s a noble endeavor (and may be profitable too at the end). Wish you the best luck! Recommend for this proposal to move forward to the next round: yes.

Crowdfunding is an exciting model for financing social impact endeavors. However, I don't think a local site is the best approach. There are plenty of resources in Boulder, but something of this nature should have a broader reach to attract sufficient financing and quality investment opportunities. A better approach might be to drive local, even national interest toward an existing crowdfunding investment platform.

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Dan Tefft

Mar 7, 2016


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Thank you for your feedback and thank you for recognizing the seriousness and potential of our initiative.

We are indeed driven by the unprecedented possibilities this business model can contribute to the climate action movement and we are fully aware of the fact that this model could radically change the way grassroots climate solutions are funded and the way climate conscious communities gather and consolidate their efforts worldwide. Months of research, networking and planning have already gone into the development of the concept.

Our awareness of the potential of this work has led us to build on “best practices” of conscious capitalism. From the very beginning this business model was designed to benefit everyone it touches - The cleantech entrepreneurs who find the expertise and funding they need to move their projects forward - The local communities benefit when entrepreneurs create green jobs as they build their businesses - The planet benefits from technologies that reduce greenhouse gasses - Investors benefit from investing in businesses that have an *above average chance of succeeding and being part of the creation of the Low carbon economy. 

We have already built a team that includes:

  1. A securities attorney who is a recognized authority in equity crowdfunding
  2. A broker/dealer that is licensed to handle the transactions we’ll be facilitating
  3. A software developer that streamlines the creation of SEC-required private placement memorandum documents for entrepreneurs who are raising capital
  4. A CPA firm that is thoroughly familiar with, and has streamlined the financial audit requirements for all of the new exemptions created by the JOBS Act
  5. A web developer that has developed a “white label” equity crowdfunding website that is ideal for our business model


We have decades of experience with the investment market and we’re ready to train that experience on an efficient system for directing capital toward Climate Change solutions.

We are currently seeking and interviewing:

  1. A third-party administrator to manage the funds raised through our business model
  2. A person with an SEC Series 7 License who is as passionate about using private equity markets to launch climate change solutions as we are.


We’ve also begun discussions with a well-respected, award-winning branding and marketing firm that is passionate about our project.

As soon as the site is running we will be positioned to accept an unlimited number of businesses that are raising up to $50Million per year through equity crowdfunding.

We believe that in order for any business to be truly sustainable it must be profitable.

We also believe that people who are willing to invest in Climate Change solutions should reap extraordinary profits from the risks they take. Our hope is that those investors will continuously reinvest their earnings into like projects - creating a regenerative economy. is conceived as the first of many similar sites based in cities and regions around the world such as, and

All of these sites will be interconnected under the “umbrella” site that allows browsers, entrepreneurs and investors to look at different regions, offer collaboration of efforts and seek investment opportunities that suit their risk tolerance and interests.

Currently there are no crowdfunding investment platforms that are focused strictly on Climate Change solutions and, with all due respect, the Currently there are no crowdfunding investment platforms that are focused strictly on Climate Change solutions and, with all due respect, the $12Trillion projected to keep global warming within 2ºC will not be funded by donations through Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe.2Trillion projected to keep global warming within 2ºC will not be funded by donations through Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe.

The original premise of the contest is: 

This contest is seeking dynamic, self-renewing platforms that will build community engagement and help leverage and coordinate existing efforts in the community for a magnified impact.

We believe that directing investment opportunities away from local communities and toward broad-based, general-interest crowdfunding sites is, in fact, contrary to the goal of raising community engagement, enthusiasm and participation. Conversely, investing in local businesses and rallying the community’s efforts in a comprehensive and integrative site brings the issues home. At the moment, for example, 50% of Germany’s renewable energy is community-owned.

Furthermore, most of these existing “crowdfunding investment” platforms are generally focused on the type of exploitive, greedy capitalism that contributes to global warming and environmental degradation. We are creating a business model that utilizes and promotes the other face of capitalism; Regenerative - CONSCIOUS capitalism.

The system we’re building connects local stakeholders with the worldwide community of climate activists. Such a system increases efficient collaboration between the climate conscious community across continents and nations.

The local sites will include:

  • A calendar of climate-focused events and meetings
  • An online forums with on-going conversations that encourage collaboration between experts and entrepreneurs seeking guidance
  • A Help Wanted and Help Offered section that builds green jobs within the local and worldwide climate conscious community


  • And obviously - an equity crowdfunding section that allows entrepreneurs with climate solutions to efficiently and legally promote their offerings to, and accept investment from, an enormous audience of potential investors through social media.


The Divestment movement’s success in shifting investment away from fossil fuels, and the growing interest in Impact Investing demonstrates a trend toward more conscious capitalism. Capitalism is the only tool powerful enough to tackle the job of creating a sustainable future. In the hands of conscious entrepreneurs it will create beauty and prosperity. 

We’re offering Boulder an opportunity to: 

  • Expand its leadership role in the climate community 
  • Risk moving to the cutting edge of the regenerative economy 
  • Position itself to profit from the massive turn toward the Low Carbon Economy.