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Arati Shah-yukich

Mar 13, 2016


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Comments to the Judges - This is revised significantly.

- In prior, I suggesed Boulder to create a platform.  In this revised proposal we (myself, an additional contributor, and others to join later) will work on open-source platform.  Boulder community is requested to co-develop interface design, and content development.

This addresses cost concerns as well as concerns about getting right parties inputs prior to launch.  Only a few meetings will be needed with experts in order to make a strong platform.  We anticipate that if our contest wins, MIT will help with making contacts and providing guidance. 

- As for the "points' mentioned in the proposal, there are many free apps available and this is quite doable.  Moreover, employees and customers and businesses often use loyalty cards or manual logging of campaigns,  such as bike miles logged by employees, or one's own utensils used at cafes, deli, etc.