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Fostering Climate Collaboration in Boulder, CO 2016

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Sep 24, 2015 11:00 EDT - Jan 29, 2016 08:00 EST
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Jan 29, 2016 08:00 EST - Mar 2, 2016 05:00 EST
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Mar 29, 2016 12:00 EDT - Apr 23, 2016 12:00 EDT
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Apr 23, 2016 12:00 EDT
How can we build community engagement and connectivity around climate change?

Boulder is a community that houses, per capita, more tech and natural food start-ups, impact investors and entities working on behalf of our environment than anywhere in the world—boasting nearly 100 climate-oriented organizations and roughly 3,000 climate experts. Yet, with this bounty of committed community members, we lack awareness of one another, as well as cohesion and the ability to effectively align our collective agendas for greater impact. We’ve found that we are not alone; lack of collaboration is a struggle recognized in many communities, nationally and internationally and is often due to a shortage of resources—time and money—to collaborate.

This contest is seeking dynamic, self-renewing platforms that will build community engagement and help leverage and coordinate existing efforts in the community for a magnified impact. Note that we are not seeking outright climate change mitigation solutions—we have an abundance of those. Rather, our goal is to foster enhanced collaboration and greater understanding of community action partners—and identifying them is our first step. While this contest is soliciting ideas for Boulder, CO, we encourage proposals that can be adopted by communities worldwide.

40 Proposals
Drastically Reduce GHGs w/ What We Eat while Creating Collaborative Space for Climate Institutions: Plant-Based Foods Produce Far Fewer GHGs
We are creating a model for collaboration among community members to design and create food-producing green spaces in urban neighborhoods.
Engaging low-income community leaders and CU students in energy and water conservation to cultivate sustainability.
A free and easy-to-use local climate news and events plugin, designed for local orgs and news websites. Similar to embedding YouTube videos.
Plan for a DEDICATED FACILITY to foster collaborative meetings, events, and education about climate change, resilience and smart growth.
A community challenge to sequester carbon and create resilience through regenerative projects, art and community engagement.
Our workshops and online platform facilitates collaboration that leverages existing community action for amplified local impact.
Celebrate Diversity, Sustainability & Resilience with hands-on and online Knowledge Maps to interconnect our stories using Systems Thinking.
To educate and encourage our staff, students, and broader community, on the importance and avenues, for energy conservation.
#Boulder, can we be #carbonfree? Help us build a platform for citizen-engagement around achieving carbon neutrality:
AQIQ bridges the gap between citizens and climate scientists by providing communities with low-cost greenhouse gas monitoring tools.
Wikis and #tags, used in a collaborative way, become a means of building common ground, co-innovation and resilience facing climate change.
Local government needs a parallel citizen organization which helps provide a 360 degree perspective.
Climate Action Ramps Platform builds just-right connectivity among climate actors to mobilize large-scale actions and amplified advocacy
This Alliance creates a physical and virtual infrastructure for collective impact through cooperation among all climate related stakeholders
Ready. Set. GO! The race to a green future is ON! Sign up for the race here: #ClimateSolutions @ClimateCoLab
Climate change is a community issue. Let's create public art murals together that connect, educate, motivate and inspire!
Our goal is to promote environmental and climate literacy and motivate youths in schools and colleges to protect their local environment.
Join this fun neighborhood event spotlighting ways you can #FossilFreeYourLife along with neighbors, local businesses and nonprofits!
Science shows that meaningful collaboration & engagement requires social-emotional safety and skill in navigating conflict. Here's the how. partners w/ cities to coach residents to save $2K / yr off cost of living by cutting 1/3 off carbon footprints in a 90-day challenge
A comprehensive online climate-focused hub including an equity crowdinvesting component, a community bulletin board, discussion forums, etc.
Combining the strengths of the B corp. and non-profit structures to provide a highly flexible approach to environmental community building.
An open source musical performance for schools to use to jump start youth engagement in authoring their own city's plan for resilience
Foster climate collaboration in Boulder, CO, through a community art project that engages neighborhoods in its co-creation.
An online platform that interconnects and empowers community efforts towards carbon neutrality while tracking and promoting the results.
Who and why to connect with & buy from? Video's on local people's visions of the future and their sustainable products & services clarify.
Collaborate with Earth directly about any effort and ask, How can I be more harmonious with Earth, asking less of Earth and more of myself?
Any true progress to combat Climate Change requires policy. We will address this issue by developing a community-based public policy center.
Carbon neutrality is no longer sufficient to address climate change. The only possible bridge to a survivable future is carbon negtive.
Plant-based foods drastically reduce GHGs! Combat climate change with what we eat & create a collaborative space among climate institutions
Once A Week, Give Our Beautiful Planet A Day Of Rest. A Green Sabbath Day.
This proposal is a set of tools to build our own stakeholder consensus both for political actions and for renewables development plans.
Companies and societal groups can be clustered in terms of their potential to create 'shared value'.
Correct LINK:
21 is an ultra dynamic website proposal, that aims to create that spark to connect as much disciplines and people as possible
Living in Boulder is like living w/ a smoker for 3 months/year b/c air pollution. The Vivergy site lets residents team up to clean the air.