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John Smith

Mar 13, 2015


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This is a very hard proposal to follow. I know that mankind needs better energy sources. Want I want to know is: what is SSP and how does it work?

Michael Hayes

Mar 17, 2015


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The work on Solar Power Satellites (SPS) by the L5 Sociaty should be mentioned as they have been the global leader in support of SPS for 4+ decades. As to the question of "What is SSP and how does it work?"; The author of this particular proposal is simply using an alternative abbreviation of: Solar Power Satellite (SPS) As to how SPS works, that seems to be straight forward. Michael P.S. The link is broken.

Jeff Harti

Mar 21, 2015


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Hi Ram, Thank you for submitting your proposal. Myself and the other contest Fellows look forward to reviewing it in further detail shortly. Regards, Jeff

Manohar Lal Baharani

Apr 15, 2015


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In view of ongoing independent research & development process on space based solar power; we look forward to get enlightened on issues such as to how such energy transmitted through microwave or laser technologies shall get utilized from the contest proposal and benefits thereof. This is hoping that the challenges of space based solar power systems to obviate solar energy loss on its way to earth through atmosphere will successfully get resolved and this would soon become a commercially viable proposition. Solar power systems on earth surface are having variability & intermittency besides high cost as barriers for the market entry. I am keen to get more update on this proposal in coming days. Bests. Manohar

Dustin Carey

Jun 4, 2015


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Hi Ram, Thanks for the proposal; I think it would benefit considerably by being fleshed out more. You give a 5-10 year timeline, but for what? The deployment of a pilot project? If so, what would that pilot project look like? Should it be headed by public institutions like NASA or private enterprises? Space based solar is a fantastically futuristic proposal for energy harvesting, and I'd be interested to read your thoughts on how you think the technology may develop. Best regards, Dustin Carey

Paul Wolfram

Jun 13, 2015


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Unfortunately, a description of what space solar power actually is and how it is supposed to work is not provided. Please clarify. Besides, I strongly believe, and research has indicated, that already existing technologies such as hydro power, silicon-based and thin-film PVs, onshore and offshore wind power and concentrating solar power with storage options can produce sufficient and reliable energy whilst reducing GHG emissions, even when future energy demand is increasing.

James Lau

Dec 18, 2015


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I am a physicist. I know about space solar power for more than 40 years. I am completely against this idea. The required solar energy collector panel construction is not cost effective. Transmission of electricity from the space solar panel is a serious problem. If the power transmission density is higher than the existing solar radiation to earth, the transmission beam would be a powerful space based weapon. The harm that can produce is significant. It would be very difficult to establish energy receiving station anywhere on earth.

I prefer fusion power from fusion reactor about 93 million miles from earth (the sun). The fusion power transmitted to earth is about 5000 time human need. More than two years of solar energy has already stored in the ocean as thermal energy. OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) should be the renewable energy choice.