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Ingrid Akerlind

Apr 11, 2014


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Thank you for submitting an entry to the Climate CoLab Contests! We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas with us. However, the quantum zeno effect and public policy solutions to climate change appear to be unrelated to each other. While your proposal does indeed call for federal funding, we do not understand how demonstrating the effect will impact climate change. This contest prompt asks proposal authors to suggest actions the U.S. federal government could take to address climate change. We encourage you to propose an action that fits within the contest guidelines, so that it may be considered by our team of Judges. Until then, we will move your proposal to the proposal workspace. When your proposal is ready to resubmit, you can move your proposal to a relevant contest by logging in and selecting the ADMIN tab on your proposal. Best, Fellows.

William Bray

Jun 9, 2014


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You will notte that i8n the section 'what actions do you propose' it clealry states this is an engine capable of lifting very large payloads to and from the moon to harvest helium-3. Move it back.

Dustin Carey

Jun 3, 2015


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Hi William, An undoubtedly interesting proposal. I confess myself to be completely insufficiently educated in theoretical physics to understand how this engine would work, or how the curvature of space plays into this, but it certainly presented an interesting thought experiment. The increased availability of Helium 3 would be of immense use for advanced nuclear reactors. I hope you're able to connect with scientists and engineers equipped to test your theory. Best regards, Dustin Carey Catalyst