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One sure way to solve the climate change problem is to solve the world's energy problems. I've developed a system of logic to do just that.



Every kind of machine and equipment we utilize today is all directly or indirectly dependent on the flow of electricity to operate.  From mechanical machines like automobiles and airplanes, to broadcasting and communications equipment used in TV/Radio broadcasting, to personal electronic devices such as media players, smart phones, personal computers, and tablets, without electricity, none of these machines and equipment would work.

We have yet to tap into the most abundant source of energy in the Universe (Cosmos), radiant energy (Light particles).  Sure, we can convert radiant energy into electrical energy, but the process isn't very efficient, and it's not cost-effective either. 

What I am proposing is creating a flow of natural light particles (photons like bosons), by using some basic precepts in Physics and Optics, such as the refractive index and circular polarization, and electron-volt equivalence of certain freqencies of light.  It is theoretically possible, and upon creating a flow of natural light, we can then create logic by controlling that flow.  Now we can utilize the energy that is released from the Sun and other stars, now we can utilize the higher energy particles in the electromagnetic spectrum, gamma rays.  We can operate completely in the Optical Domain.

This will in turn also help solve the climate change problem, because we can direct light to various specific locations on the planet to help keep the climate stable.

I've already done most of the hard intellectual work.  I've already developed the designs and schematics of the system, developed the system of logic, and developed the core code of the software that will operate the hardware (new, modern-day Machine Language [Assembly]).

This is all theory, but it can be proven true scientifically and mathematically.  What I have developed will completely revolutionize every aspect of life.  Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla would be proud!

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

This will be concerted global effort, a conglomerate of private and public sector businesses and organizations throughout the globe.  Many resources will be needed, and thus there would need to be global cooperation.

Where will these actions be taken?

Businesses and organizations could begin to take action by investing in the research and development phase, governments could take action by offering grants and gathering the world's best and brightest scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

Every aspect of business, every aspect of government, every aspect of education, would be revolutionized.  Think of the industrial revolution, plus the technology revolution, times 100.  Our entire way of life, our very understanding of the Universe (Cosmos) would be dramatically advanced. 

The number crunching abilities of the system of logic I've developed, similar to ternary logic but different in that it expands inwardly rather than outwardly, would be far more superior than the conventional system of binary logic used today, Aristotlean (Boolean) Logic.

Below is a side by side comparison of the combinations of two-state switches, gates that are either on or off, and the combinations of three-state switches, based on the 3 primary frequencies of the visible light spectrum (RGB).  After the 6th step, today's high end computers cannot calculate the results.  Everything is cubed in this logic.

2       3

4       27

8       19683

16      7.6256E+12

32      4.43426E+38

64      8.719E+115

What are the proposal’s costs?

Yes, we're talking about billions of dollars, most of which will be used for research and development.  That's why a concerted global effort would be necessary, and that's why migration from the digital domain to the optical domain would have to be done in small steps, to minimize the costs associated with the process.

Time line

I propose that within 10 years the research and development will be completed and a working prototype will be designed.  Within another 5 years the total migration from the digital domain to the optical domain would be completed, meaning that within 15 years, we could not only enjoy free, renewable energy, abundantly available as long as the process of fusion continues in the Sun, but also start the healing process of our planet, and create a stable climate.

The risks seem great, the costs seem enormous, but when looking at the over-all picture, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Related proposals

This is really a two-fold proposal.  It will solve two long-term problems:  Creating a source of renewable energy; and helping create a stable climate.


Many references are available upon request.