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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Overall this is an interesting idea, but the proposal lacks the details to show that the proposed approach is a realistic one and that there is a clear path forward. The proposal would also benefit from more focus on reducing GHG emissions for the electricity sector, as opposed to other potential applications.

Additionally, the proposal lacks rigor in exploring the feasibility of the idea and the barriers to its success. Particular areas requiring attention:
• Addressing the interplay between this technology and existing technologies/other technologies in development.
• Similarly, the proposal does not draw on projections of actual warming in 2115 or of potential emissions reductions between then and now.
• Addressing political feasibility. The proposal requires regional cooperation within the Middle East, but fails to address the political realities of that region. Similarly, the proposal does not address the entrenched political interests of the oil industry in the region, or the lock-in of oil industry infrastructure.
• It is unclear how the $10,000 would be useful for this project. The technology is still in development, so would this money be contributing to furthering the technology research? Is this a useful sum for that purpose?
• Mentions that the environmental policy community thus far hasn’t focused on geoengineering, but doesn’t address why this might be the case. There are important reasons that focus has been on mitigation rather than geoengineering, and these objections need to be addressed explicitly.
• It is also unclear whether this is a 40% reduction in GHGs from the power sector, or overall. The contention that we only really need to reduce emissions by 40% when the IPCC is clearly pushing for much more needs more support.

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