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John Wood

Dec 15, 2013


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I am so pleased to see a reference to the underrated idea of 'synergy'. Buckminster Fuller and Peter Corning have reminded us of its vital importance (Nature's free gifts)...i.e. synergy can be defined (in human, organisational terms) as a combinatorial design that delivers additional abundances that derive from the combination processes, rather than from the intrinsic properties of what is combined. In other words, we can find abundance by combining existing resources to make a new resource, rather than extracting/harvesting new resources to create an abundance. See my TEDx talk that also shows the math of synergy within quartets of actions:

Laur Hesse Fisher

Jan 2, 2014


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Hi Yusuf, You've entered your proposal into the "Contest Suggestions" contest, which is for ideas for contests we can run in 2014. As your proposal advocates a specific technology, we're going to transfer it to the Proposal Workspace (, where it can be seen by others who are looking at climate change solutions. You'll be able to transfer it to a relevant contest when they are launched in early 2014. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thanks! Laur Fisher Climate CoLab staff

Manohar Lal Baharani

Apr 29, 2015


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In older days the power distribution grid had to address the problems of variability of load demands in various time zones of the day and night. Hydro power addition into the grid during peak load hours has been one of the common approach. Thereafter on demand side many studies have emerged to do peak load shaving options as well. On the other side variability and intermittency renewable energy source (solar and wind) opens up new challenges for power distribution grid operation / load dispatches. It is nice proposal to combine solar and wind power generation. I would like to read more about it, its commercial viability, who takes actions, benefits and more connecting with power usage load patterns. Bests. Manohar

Dustin Carey

Jun 3, 2015


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Hi Yusuf, I'd love to learn more about this product! I'd invite you to fill out the description section more at-length including a more detailed product description and schematics. I'd also be interested in the construction costs/economic viability, size, ect. Having the capacity to utilize both solar and wind certainly helps address the intermittency problem plaguing both. Best regards, Dustin Carey Catalyst

Dimoir Quaw

Jun 22, 2015


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Hello Yusuf, I've just taken a brief look at your proposal and I like it :) Dimoir