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To power desalination plants using electrical power from A thermal mass oven, electrical station, as explained in "Energy Supply" contest



1. To build large floating anchored vessels off shore, which will contain:

a.  a pumping station,

b. desalination facilities

c. a hydrogen powered thermal mass oven to power these facilities.

d. and living quarters for workers

e. To use pipelines to run the water to shore where it will be available to the cities and people in need. 

f. Further, in more rural areas these desalination stations could be built with a large enough electrical generation station to bring power to areas that are in need.

What actions do you propose?

Available fresh water can increase crop growth in areas that are fraught with drought regularly.  thus increasing the ability of people to survive on their own, as well as increasing carbon sequestering and oxygen production.

Who will take these actions?

governments I imagine.

Where will these actions be taken?

Anywhere along salt water coasts that has fresh water supply problems.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Water produced and used for growing crops will add to carbon sequestering, oxygen production, and the ability of people to obtain food and water in third world countries. 

What are other key benefits?

the possibility of bringing electricity to areas that have never known it, thus increasing peoples contact with the world.

What are the proposal’s costs?

???  20 million minus the pipelines and cables???

Time line


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(which could be incorporated into this desalination platform also)