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Linda Romanovska

Aug 10, 2015


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Thank you for submitting your proposal to this Climate CoLab contest. Because you had submitted it before July 18th, the contest Judges were able to review your proposal and provide you with some feedback, which we have included below. We hope that you will use it to further develop your work before the August 31 deadline. On that date at midnight Eastern Time, your proposal will be locked and considered in final form. The Judges will then select which proposals will continue to the Finalists round. Finalists are eligible for the contest’s Judges Choice award, as well as for public voting to select the contest’s Popular Choice award. The Winners will receive a special invitation to attend selected sessions at MIT’s SOLVE conference and showcase their work before key constituents in a workshop the next day. A few select Climate CoLab winners will join distinguished SOLVE attendees in a highly collaborative problem-solving session. In addition, if your plan is included in one or more winning global plans, you will receive Climate CoLab Points, and the top point-getters will receive shares of a cash prize of $10,000. Thank you for your great work and good luck! 2015 Climate CoLab Judges & Fellows Judges' feedback: It is well known that the cost of avoiding a climate disaster is not very high (roughly 2 % of the world’s GDP, or in other words some 2 trillion dollars per year). It is also known that the reason little action is being taken is because these 2%, although cheap, is more than nothing, and the vast majority of voters and owners want to spend this money on themselves today - rather than on creating a better future for their children. Hence the proposal should explain why people should be willing to invest into the proposed fund (which will give lower returns in the short term than conventional investments). It is advisable to likewise add more details on how the fund would be established and how it would operate.