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The pain and suffering of drought and water shortages will create forced migration that leads to you and me. CLOUDTEC (2015) IS ESSENTIAL!




                      THE HOT PURSUIT OF FREE ENERGY!

For centuries, our planet has vigorously explored new energy technologies.

Several years ago, I began to question, "How many lives on Planet Earth could have been positively impacted, if we could have harnessed the wasted energy of volcanoes?" 

In 2008, I began to seriously address some of the issuessurrounding these questions.

I chose to focus on the volcanic origins of the Hawailian Islands because they contain almost unlimited energy and are about 1,000 miles from the closest land that is not an island.

I used satellite imagery to concentrate on cloud formations surrounding the seamounts and natural magma pathways to the sea.

I continued to note that when the winds surrounding Kilauea continued blowing in the same direction for a considerable length of time; that hundreds of miles later, clouds congregated at the end of the wind cycle as a result of contrasting temperatures and variables.  

A natural phenomenon was occurring right before my eyes! It was at that moment - I reasoned that if we applied seawater directly to exposed magma at a temperature of over 2,000+ degrees Fahrenheit in a safe and responsible way . . we may be able to help neutralize a portion of our climate change dilemma.

The marine clouds that congregated at the end of a sustained wind cycle . . shared the essential requirements of seawater, nuclei, and temperature / pressure variables.

Futher research revealed that when seawater is applied at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, this interaction causes the volume of water to vaporize and expand 4,000 times into thousands of cubic miles of white, maritime, stratocumulus clouds to reflect sunlight back out into space.

Scientists have concluded that our planet can possibly tolerate twice the present carbon dioxide levels with no upward temperature change, if we could just increase the amount of solar energy reflected back out into space by about 2.0%.

Cloudtec is a safe and powerful option to focus on Solar Radiation Management.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?


According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO);

Drought kills and displaces more people than cyclones, floods,

and earthquakes combined . . making it the world's most

destructive natural hazard.


The United Nations recently issued a report that stresses water

supplies, aggravated by climate change, are likely to cause more

conflicts, and that water should be considered as vital to national

security as defense.


The astute Japanese have seriously considered this warning, as

they have successfully completed cloud seeding tests that have

worked for two years in a row. (Reference - 6)


The major objective of Cloudtec is to add seawater to the FREE

energy of active volcanoes on the land surface of Planet Earth to

help ease the pain and suffering of drought.


We must never forget . . that without the bare essentials of food,

water, and shelter . . that forced migration will create the roads of

despair that will lead to you and me.

What are the proposal’s costs?


The major objective of Cloudtec is to add seawater to the free

energy of active volcanoes on the land surface of Planet Earth to

help ease the pain and suffering of drought.


Planet Earth has climate scientists, engineers, and experts in

every capacity to initiate cloud marine strategies and carefully

monitor the results.


These experts has the abilities to address the land-based

volcanoes in association with the wind currents that would carry

marine clouds and rainout to those areas desperately needing



Using an investment of around $100,000 dollars, seawater pumps

could apply seawater directly to the volcanic lava &/or small

fireboats could be rented to set off shore and spray salt water on

the volcanic lava flows just before they engage the sea. 


If more funds are available . . work helicopters could drop 2,000 lb

buckets of seawater to the surface lava.


Navy helicopter training ships could serve a dual purpose as

training facilities for helicopter pilots and also transporting

massive amounts of seawater to the volcanic drop-sites.


Somewhere along the 10 day route, clouds will began to

congregate and hopefully rain-out over the drought stricken areas.

ALSO . . it is important to note; in specific locations along this 10

day route, those winds carrying atmospheric moisture will

become more conducive to activation when cloud seeding is

applied in local and regional areas.



If and when CO2 becomes the objective . . lime is mixed with

the seawater . . then applied and monitored.


These costs may be off-set by carbon credits for the removal of

atmospheric pollution!

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