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Michel Daubizit

Jun 3, 2019


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The proposal of Viva Cundliffe is to release oxygen radicals for the oxidation of methane in atmosphere. In this proposal, oxygen and hydroxyl radicals are massively produced by an industrial process using renewable electricity.

There is perhaps a cheaper way to reduce the concentration of methane present in the atmosphere: the titanium dioxide. Since a few years the titanium oxide has been used to make self-cleaning surfaces. The titanium dioxide, exposed to the solar radiation, the oxygen and the moisture of the air, has the property to catalyse the formation of hydroxyl radicals. These hydroxyl radicals are very oxidizing for the organic molecules which come into contact. Self-cleaning paints containing nanoparticules of titanium dioxide have the property to degrade the organic stains out of water and carbon dioxide. The methane molecules which come into contact with TiO2 painted surfaces should also be degraded.

To be effective on atmospheric methane, TiO2 painted surfaces must be exposed to sunlight, oxygen and moisture of the air. It seems to me that surfaces which meet best these conditions are the blades of the wind mills: 

  • the wind mills are built on free surfaces where the exposure to sunlight is maximum,
  • the blades are in contact with a great volume of air when the wind moves it.

The treatment of the blades of wind mills with a self-cleaning painting could be an effective method of elimination of atmospheric methane.

Viva Cundliffe

Jun 6, 2019


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In cleantech, the time has come to avoid making tradeoffs to partially solving the problems with things like unwanted side reactions, which the TiO2 produces. The atmosphere is overloaded with chemical slippage from these incomplete process and partial process tradeoffs, and now we are in trouble. If you want to learn about a complete solution that has a revenue stream, here are some links: