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Remove trash from ocean, produce drinkable water, create surplus energy, remove carbon dioxide from ocean and atmosphere.



1. Water flows in from ocean. 

2. Trash and wildlife filtered out.

3. Water enters system. And flows downward toward thermal core.

4. Water turns turbines. 

5. Water is evaporated from geothermal heat.

6. Carbon dioxide is removed. 

7. Water condensation to back into second system. 

8. Water turns turbines. 

9. Water evaporates with geothermal energy.

10. Water is either released into atmosphere, back into ocean, or into tanks for human use. 

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Green energy. Carbon dioxide removed from water. Trash removed from water. Clean hydrogen and oxygen released into atmosphere pulling out more carbon dioxide. Entire system runs on tidal and geothermal energies, hence negative carbon footprint.

Who will take these actions?

People who have the finances to fund this. Venture capitalists, engineers of various subjects. People who want to make a change.

Where will these actions be taken?

Oceanfront, lake front, river front. Worldwide.

What are other key benefits?

Proposal has several benefits. Serves to fight global warming, greenhouse gasses, lack of fresh water supply, cleaning ocean trash, removing scarce valuable minerals such as gold/silver from ocean water, green energy, and speeding up the process of the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.


What are the proposal’s costs?

Initial cost ranges unknown. Approximate cost equivalent to underground subway. Deepest known tunnel is 7.5 miles and took 24 years to dig. European underground subway was 1.3 billion. Approximate cost of one system as much as 13 billion for a low estimate to include all necessary materials.

Time line

Prototype phase, 1 to 5 years. Final 5 to 10 years. Expansion 10+ years. Lifetime of system 50 to 150 years before reconstruction, depending on materials used.

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