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Jennifer Perron

Jul 14, 2015


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Dear Muhammad, Thank you for beginning your proposal for the Global Climate Action Plan contest of MIT's Climate CoLab. I'm one of the Fellows for this contest, here to serve as a liaison to the CoLab, answer questions, and provide substantive feedback to help strengthen proposals. Fellows will also have a role in the evaluative phase of this contest. In this contest we are asking participants to select from and combine proposals in the various regional contests, in order to develop a comprehensive global plan. Please look through the proposals in the regional contests to consider how they might fit together, and continue to fill out the remaining sections of your proposal. Bear in mind that the regional contest submission period is still ongoing, so new proposals may be added in the coming days. Thank you for your contributions to the Colab, and looking forward to seeing where you take your proposal.

Rogert Sorí

Nov 16, 2015


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If there is not a summary how can someone support your proposal ? and it is interesting !