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Jennifer Perron

Aug 11, 2015


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Dear Diana, Thanks for beginning your proposal under the Global Climate Action Plan contest of MIT's Climate CoLab. I'm one of the Fellows for this contest, here to serve as a liaison to the Colab, answer any questions you may have, and help provide substantive feedback to strengthen proposals. For this contest, we're asking participants to review and select from proposals in the various regional contests, and endeavor to link them together into a comprehensive global plan. Please take a look at the submissions in the 6 regional contests, and begin to think how these can be woven into your global narrative. The regional contest deadline has been extended until the end of August, so bear in mind that new proposals may be submitted in the coming days. Also, feel encouraged to help spread the world about the regional and global contests alike to your networks, to help expand the pool of ideas! Thanks for your contributions to the CoLab, and looking forward to seeing how you continue to develop your proposal.

Diana Vieira Fernandes

Aug 16, 2015


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Thank you for your suggestions. There are a few more proposals, from different contests, that could add up to this one (was not able to link them in the proposal). Clean Energy with Social Responsibility (Energy Supply 2014 contest) link : Modifying Behavior,Shifting Mindsets,and Incorporating Innovation to Reduce GHGs (Energy Supply 2014 contest) link: GreenUp - Engaging communities to build green & resilient cities in India ( Urban Resilience: Climate Actions for Urban Areas 2014 contest) link: There aren´t many on using open data, behaviour science, social networks. The underlying idea, is that every individual has to be able to measure, understand their individual impact (and by using peer pressure to induce change), because there´s a problem of connecting individual actions, choices with a collective outcome. Most people will say that care about Climate Change, still when they choose (products, energy provider, investments) there´s isn´t a way to capture and retain value of this choices.
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