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Jennifer Perron

Oct 3, 2015


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Dear Erich,

Thank you for your proposal on soil sequestration and biomass use under the Global Climate Action Plan contest of MIT's Climate CoLab. I'm one of the Fellows for this contest, here to serve as a liaison to the Colab, answer any questions you may have, and help provide substantive feedback to strengthen proposals. Fellows will also have a role in the evaluative portion of this contest.

Here are a few suggestions to help you strengthen your proposal in advance of the judging period. It may be useful to include more background textual description of the concepts of soil sequestration, biochar, and biomass as a fuel source in your summary. You might envision detailing to an introductory audience what these concepts are, how they function, and how they can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prior to developing into the mathematical specifics. 

Additionally, you could begin to describe more about the "how" and the "who." That is, what actors would be most important in actualizing your concept, and how might they go about doing it at a scale that matters for the climate. 

As you know, in this contest participants are asked to draw from the various regional and national contests to help form their global strategy. You've already selected the proposals you will use, which is great; now the next step will be to more fully explain and lay out how these proposals can be integrated into a global plan. 

Finally a good proofreading will help catch capitalization and other grammatical details. 

Thank you for your contributions to the CoLab, and look forward to seeing the final product!



Erich J. Knight

Dec 18, 2015


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How & who;...

The French have shown us how with their "4 Per 1000" program at COP21.

25 nations have already signed on to it and many other NGOs & research organizations.