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WANTED: Skilled researchers who share the noble causes of empathy and compassion to reduce the Humanitarian impacts of climate change!



Today, somewhere on the crowded stage of Planet Earth, hundreds of millions of performers are living the on-going reality show titled,"The Four Realities of Climate Change."

(1) With food, water, & shelter . . there is NORMALCY!

While a life of normalcy isn't always a piece of cake . . the lines are easy to memorize especially, when there's food, water, and the stage is comfortable with a flick of a switch.

The curtain is closing!

                                      *          *          *          *

(2) With limited food, water, & shelter . . there is ADAPTATION!

Those trains normally filled to capacity with the essentials of food and water, the masses need for a lawful transition to adaptation are now half-empty . . and the engineers are a-sleep at the controls.

                                       *          *           *           *

(3) With limited food, water, & no shelter . . there is MIGRATION!

Those once half-empty trains are now filled to capacity with non-paying passengers in search of sustainability and lost freedoms.

                                        *          *          *          *

(4) Without food, water, & shelter . . there is CHAOS!

Those trains we once relied on for food, water, & shelter no longer run. The engines, cars, and even the tracks have been dismantled and taken away in pieces.

For without law and the bare essentials to sustain life . . mankind will be forced to replace empathy and compassion with the inherent desire to survive.

Today, as a result of impasse and chronic inaction, Planet Earth now has hundreds of millions who could transition from Normalcy to Chaos in a short amount of time.

                                     *          *          *          *

                        Researchers with a Noble Cause!

As researchers with solution skills, what could be a more noble cause than for us to collectively address and find solutions to help reduce the HUMANITARIAN impacts of climate change within the borders of those countries we love?

Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?


If you choose to address Humanitarian issues and solutions within your country, region, or locality . . please remember. . that while many situations may have similarities . . others may be totally unique regarding the Humanitarian impacts associated with climate change.   

I have prepared one example of how we may be able to reduce the Humanitarian impact of drought on food and water in America.

                                      *          *          *          *

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), drought kills and displaces more people than cyclones, floods, and earthquakes combined . . making it the world's most destructive natural hazard.

New information from credible climate scientists stating, "No rain for decades: Stand by for the 'megadroughts', scientists warn". (Reference - 1)

Simply out; The planetary circumstances surrounding heat, drought, and massive migration shares the capacity to create human suffering and chaos never seen before on Planet Earth.

How can we get everyone to understand that when innovation and preservation continually draw lines in the sand, this creates the impasse and chronic inaction that affords no solution or escape for the millions of people on Planet Earth who will die as a result?

The sole purpose of this proposal is; How do we address the political , economical , and humanitarian impact of local and regional drought within the borders of America!

To help put this proposal in perspective . . please read this simple overview of how 'Thermodynamics' has influenced the history of our world and how it will greatly influence the events we will face tomorrow.

'Thermodynamics' in it's most simple form occurs when heated air rises up and spreads north and south towards the poles, where it gradually cools and sinks down in the polar regions. Then it flows across the surface of Planet Earth to the equator, where it heats up again and the convective cycle is repeated.

Simply put . . HEAT is attracted to the COLD of the North and South Poles!

Due to unique geographical circumstances - the residual fall-out of drought, migration, and chaos in South, Central, and North America is headed north!

As of this writing, most of South America is showing ongoing rainfall deficits. The water taps in San Paulo, Brazil, which contains approximately 27 million residents is essentially out of water.

Headlines in Central America record that more than 500,000 families in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala have nothing to eat due to a record drought.

Mexico is withering under the worst drought in 71 years.

In America . . seven states California, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas are rapidly running out of water.

                                    *          *          *          *

According to Ecotech Water, LLC, one percent of the Earth's water is suitable for drinking.

The national daily average per individual is 123 gallons of water per day.



                               . . Under development . .

Who will take these actions?


In the inevitable end those researchers who shared the noble causes of empathy and compassion, will have set the high bar that everyone should have aspired to become. 

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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