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Harnessing the power of MIT alumni 2016

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Apr 23, 2016 12:00 EDT
What is the most effective thing that MIT alumni can do to help implement the MIT Plan for Action on Climate Change?

MIT believes that a key to solving the climate change problem is to engage all sectors of society—governments, businesses, non-profits, philanthropists, and many others.  As a first step in this broad engagement process, this contest focuses on a group that is very close to MIT:  its global alumni network.  This remarkable community of 130,000 people represents an exceptional untapped resource for addressing climate change. This contest seeks proposals for how this community can help implement MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change.  Authors of winning proposals will be invited to present their ideas at a conference at MIT, and the MIT Alumni Association will help share the ideas widely in the MIT alumni community.

90 Proposals
ClimateX is a platform where MIT Alumni can learn climate-related science, technology and policy while transitioning into a green career
The wisdom of crowd effect denotes the surprisingly accurate estimates that crowds can provide. The MIT crowd can be leveraged in forecasts.
Engage alumni in the sustainability process by creating an interactive app directly tying donations to sustainable/resilient improvements
MIT alumni can help implement CoLab's award-winning “Make Climate a Top Priority for Action by Every Global Citizen and Organization.”
MIT 2050 – Carbon neutral, sustainable & resilient. Driven by the new MIT ADAPT Center & realized through 7 key resilient interventions.
Open a revolving alumni fund for campus sustainability projects, that roll proceeds forward to do more projects.
Think globally, act locally has long been a rallying cry for the only effective way to produce global change.
MIT alumni and students could use a helping hand from alumni with relevant experience in choosing a green career.
High-speed podcars are completely powered by renewable energy. They replace a large percentage of flights as well as vehicular traffic.
A MIT Alumni/SDM/VMS/CoLab hybrid would help launch Colab derived AGW mitigation/adaptation concepts in the shortest possible time frame.
MIT alumni can engage their colleagues and Congress to enact effective carbon pricing in the form of a Carbon Fee and Dividend.
Fuel cells produce electricity & heat without combustion in a clean chemical reaction. Hydrogen can be made from renewable resources.
Moving a ton to move a person on highways is expensive and polluting. Change the network to move only the person; power with sunshine.
1. Read the book ;Yes We Can ! - The world is in crisis, can we fix it?; Technology based solutions detailed 2. Blog on 3. Find your role
Better data, metrics, and communication on building insulation efficiency will yield large reductions in CO2 emissions.
The collaborative use of wikis and #tags will enable MIT alumni to share their collective know-how towards solutions for global problems
Make opportunity (resources from MIT alumni) meet preparation (research and projects by people and organizations from developing countries)
MIT Solutions to global warming will bring affordable clean energy to billions of people, especially in the developing world.
Provide parking spots in real-time to rides-for-hire services (between rides) while reducing emission caused by unnecessary circling around.
Tanzania has vast natural gas resources and is building the largest port in Africa. Revenues from gas could render Bagamoyo Carbon neutral.
Watershed Moments, Healthy Oceans Festivals Benefit Direct Action Environmental Initiative by Community
PAIR Taxi is an innovative transport solution to incentivise the entire society to embrace ridesharing and reduce carbon emissions.
Deploy microgrids to the developing world using a franchise business model based on open source components to reduce cost.
Once A Week, Give Our Beautiful Planet A Day Of Rest. A Green Sabbath Day.
Cooling datacenters with air is ridiculous! LCS technology cuts datacenter carbon footprint in half - uses no fans, no water and cost less.
@MIT Plan 4 Action on #ClimateChange #Occupy'S #hopium|#MotivatedReasoning re #CapitalismFail & its #Anthropocene threats. SoftSci strategy.
Through technical innovations and refined operational paradigms the GHG emissions of the maritime sector will be drastically reduced.
Net Zero is available now with off-the-shelf technologies. We challenge MIT: Lead to 100% Net Zero. Expert team and financiers are ready.
BBQs burn charcoal, Pyrolitic/Gasifying stoves make Biochar for increased Soil fertility and Soil carbon sequestration.
Climate change is not suitably addressed because the academics leading the response are not up to the task. MIT must try to change this.
Create a one time donation program where alumni can opt out of being contacted again for donations to support sustainability projects.
CSRE-engine for including social responsibility in corporate sourcing/siting decisions to minimize manufacturings world environmental impact
The climate challenge can be a platform to create 'shared value' between MIT and the MIT alumni network - to the benefit of all!
Formulating smart clean energy policies is the most effective way to get businesses & utilities to make changes to mitigate climate change
Crowdfunding of Dashcameras& wearable Cams &Space International Collections Of visual Scientific Climate Change Data For Science. And more.
Applying Climate Research needs Nation management
Setup a collaborative platform where MIT alumni would moderate discussions and mentor the process of bringing innovative ideas to the market
The only thing keeping me from becoming an astronaut is joining USAF Reserves and earning a 4 year degree in a STEM field, I can do this!
Empower cleantech innovation, development and scale up by democratizing the fundraising process.
Get stakeholders unanimous, migrate from fossils create a new WW industry by recycling atmospheric CO2 profitably
I would like to see a discussion that focuses on convincing world leaders that a human extinction scenario is a real possibility.
Remove all CO2 added to the air since the Industrial Revolution, in 1-10 years using a forest of synthetic trees
MIT Alumni can take an easy step to reduce hme electricity use 10% at virtually no cost. Save power, cut emissions, and convince others!
Create a global network of MIT alums focussed on cities to catalyze and implement innovative climate solutions to help stay within 2°C.
Ocean thermal is the most abundant renewable energy resource on earth. This cost effective OTEC proposal provide electricity at 2 cent/kwh.
Solve the Penetration Paradox that limits developng economies from adopting lower cost renewables in lieu of oil-fired generation.
Cognitive surplus of millions of undergrads worldwide is squandered as they research uncoordinatedly. MIT alumni can encourage coordination.
Satellite data refutes hockey stick data.
This simple, impactful and viable idea helps to increase the efficiency of air conditioners by reducing the volume that needs to be cooled.
Develop basic, cheap technologies to clean up emissions from rapidly expanding coal-fueled power generation in the third world.
New solar buildings research (SCSA 2013; ARCHITECTONIC REUSE OF WIND TURBINE BLADES and Local Renewable Energy Planning Collaboration.
One person's trash is another person's solution to climate change.
Park&Pedal is a new multimodal transporation method that provides an alternative to commuters who live too far from work to ride their bike.
The time has come to prove that fusion energy can provide net electricity. MIT has that capability to do that better than anywhere else
Underwater turbines placed offshore in permanent ocean currents (Gulf Stream, Humboldt Current, etc. could generate a lot of excitement!
MIT sponsors rigorous scientific debate between the two opposing camps: How significant is CO2's impact on global temperature?
Make real-time energy use information part of our environments, and people will respond naturally.
MIT Steam Tunnel Society engages all members of the community: alumni, students, staff, and faculty as we rethink a sustainable campus.
Time to quit the architectural statements and monumentalism and take a planet preserving step...stop building!
Create and promote a multi-lingual video clip resource for news media documenting and dramatizing climate change impacts around the world
MIT Alumni should focus on mentoring & engaging in communication with the next generation of leaders in science here is a fun way to do it!
With the emmissions of green house gases set to skyrocket in India over the next few years, we have to help them find cleaner alternatives.
On the basis of accumulated scientific evidence, MIT should encourage all nations of the world to treat CO2 as an environmental pollutant.
Pricing carbon is the most efficient and politically feasible mechanism to effect an economy wide reduction in greenhouse gas consumption.
Harness thousands of MIT alumni to offer a massive group discount on solar. Provide real-time measurements, donate some cost savings to MIT
Manufacturing is going local -- technology like 3D printing is enabling the maker economy, fueling local jobs, and reducing carbon
Basic Sanitation is the first step to health. Communities, threatened by rising sea levels and without running water still need clean water
The oceans control our weather to a large extent. I believe the tecnnology exists to restore the polar ice caps and modify the jet streams. Bouy and counter bouy I.E weaker boyant bouy creates tention on a line
MIT has a track record of profitable inventions.Corporations can leverage this to go profitably green.
Excessive material consumption is the culprit, yet an economic necessity. Consumption of cultural products can solve and yet enrichen Life.
Creating sustainably harvested bamboo forests to eliminate poverty, pollution, sequester CO2 and provide food, building materials, textiles!
Use the power of greed to stop global warming.
Renewable (and perhaps nuclear) energy sources can best replace fossil sources by developing liquid renewable fuels as energy carriers.
Build a global network of university research teams to create solar based automated elevated mobility systems with support of MIT alumni
Climate change presents economic and environment challenges that are addressed in detail in Jobenomics' Energy Technology Revolution Plan.
Because two German Shepherds use more resources just for their annual food needs than the average Bangladeshi uses each year in total
Let us support the United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) and assist them in tackling these two very important missions!
Poor countries as growing are the biggest threats to the climate. If we help them to get the renewable energy, we can save the climate.
Joint development of low-cost Room-temperature DNA or pheophytin-catalyzed fuel cells may give us an epoch-making change. All are welcome!
What is a clean, scalable energy solution to what ails our species and the environment worth? More than we the people ever thought possible.
To reduce driving, let's improve the way we pay for the use of parking. Make the cost visible and optional. More choice;less driving.
A global conversion to a vegan diet can save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, according to a United Nations report:
Climate mitigation and adaptation technologies and methods, need metrics that reflect their costs and risks as well as potential benefits.
Pseudo-science fraudsters profiteering at taxpayers' and energy users' expense by falsely whipping up the climate scare should be prosecuted
Time for MIT to say goodbye to the reclaimed swamp land on the Charles river and move to higher ground.
Match supply to demand with distributed energy storage utilizing web-enabled electric vehicle battery charger - inverter devices
Persuasive Cities: designing future cities for reshaping societies towards healhier and sustainable routines.
Hilton Head Island is a coastal BARRIER Island that could disappear with sea level rise so reducing any amount of climate change is CRITICAL
Rebuild, re-energize, redirect