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MIT Alumni should focus on mentoring & engaging in communication with the next generation of leaders in science here is a fun way to do it!



My generation suffers not from a lack of guidance or a lack of education but we are the most impacted generation of the extreme social disconnect that has grown as we have delved further into the information age and worsened due to a lack of faith and trust in our leadership since Sep 11th 2001.

How I personally turned the situation for myself around was by simply starting an email correspondence with Noam Chomsky when I was a film student in LA in 2006, he immediately responded (not even 12 hours later) with his approval for my project which essentially began as an open source filmmakers network with the intent of providing high quality edutainment and has since expanded into other specific scientific areas of interest including aviation and aerospace engineering and Climate Rescue.

Today I am promoting my continued mission to explore new frontiers quite boldly with the hashtag #Science4Reel and that is really what this boils down to.

My work is about bridging the gap of communication between every day ordinary people, and the most brilliant scientific minds in the world that are pushing the barriers of science into new areas of discovery and progress.

If you want to continue the mission forward for MIT's climate change plan, and Harnass the Power of MIT what we really need is a strong media campaign headed by true professionally trained individuals in the industry who know how to get the attention of a beard or two (or even grow one their self to be honest) in short, this is about creating media that is social in the sense that it for very little cost we would be building a platform for those who are outsiders to speak directly with the alumni and so on about the new frontiers of science and how their specific concerns are being addressed and how they can get involved, and making this all public and cross promoting with other pro science education programs.

I believe this is essential for any progress and I don't see why we don't start doing it now?


What actions do you propose?

I have for example proposed creating an ongoing series, sort of as a spiritual successor to Bill Nye the Science Guy but with a more mature audience in mind (but still appropriate for families) called The Real Science Investigation Squad. Where essentially a group of Park Rangers or something along those lines that take their jobs too seriously go around and investigate "real science" such as talking to aviation engineers and Air Force pilots and mechanics about the science behind the work they do.

This could serve a two fold purpose in this example, by providing the public with easy to understand information about this science but also dispelling harmful conspiracy theories and pseudoscience about chemtrails and so forth, as it is the miseducation of science that is moreso a problem today as the lack of access to real trusted sources of information.

We could even do a sort of Space Ghost Coast to Coast type of talk show segment where we invite the professors to one on ones to share their knowledge in a delightful and humorous format that will engage a wide audience and attract many different demographics.

There's no limit to how we could all work to better communicate with the public and in the process give them more of a say in how that all works.

To boot I have the entire team of professionals ready to go and do this for real at a moments notice, and we even have our own open source distribution platform ( that gives you full control on how to monetize the content, who your advertisers are, or if the content is even monetized at all (it could be offered as a charity) and it also plugs in with all your existing social media and is completely scalable convenient to use and totally worth your time and right in line with your interests.

If you really want to do something, don't wait, just open up the channels so people who are busy doing stuff can work hand in hand with us!

That is just one example, and I welcome any and all