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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Judge 1:

This appears to be a clearinghouse for climate-related initiatives requiring additional funding. The idea of a clearinghouse in not new but this does not mean that the concept cannot be most useful if the existence of the clearinghouse is made known to potential investors. The writers of this proposal have addressed this concern and have put a great deal of thought into how to actually make this happen. An interesting proposal.

Judge 2:

This is a proposal to create a separate legal entity to do fundraising for Climate CoLab projects using third party websites for a royalty of 2% to 5% of the funds raised, and MIT alumni will be allowed to fund and/or invest in those projects.

This is not a proposal to mobilize MIT alumni - this is a proposal that generates revenue for a separate legal entity in which MIT alumni "will find many ways to become involved."

MIT has its own fundraising resources which include crowdfunding capabilities.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Judge 1:
This is an excellent idea to bundle successful proposals into one collection to offer to a possible funding community. Although it is not a novel idea, it has the potential to assist proposal authors with administrative support in their start-up efforts.

I believe this is quite feasible but have several suggestions for improvement listed below.

The impact could be huge as this could allow small, underfunded, good ideas access to funding sources so that their ideas are not lost in the shuffle.

The presentation was well-written but I do have several suggestions:
1. Clearly state the goals of Mobilize Now in 1 year, 5 years and give your definition of success for this venture. What do you believe the impact could be?
2.Discuss how you plan to monitor the Community of Practice to keep it in line with your original proposal and not let it be high-jacked by someone with another agenda.
3. I would suggest putting off 9. Investment By MIT Endowment until you have demonstrated some success as defined in #1. That will give you a much better chance to actually get money from MIT. The last thing you should want is to be seen to fail at something by attempting it too early.

Judge 2: I like the idea of a conference bringing alumni teams together with donors! This team seems highly qualified, but there's just so much going on in this proposal. Perhaps focus in on the key deliverable?

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Thomas Manaugh

Mar 7, 2016


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Dear Judges:

Thank you for your feedback.

Following your suggestions, we have made the following changes to our proposal:

1) No suggestion is now made in Paragraph 9 that MIT's endowment might be tapped to fund projects for which Team Mobilize Now seeks funding. Rather, text in that paragraph focuses on the key deliverable of funding projects that will become part of our comprehensive plan to solve the global climate change problem -- a huge goal but one that is technically feasible under our plan. Paragraph 9 now reads:  

Key Deliverable - In the first year, we expect to see funded at least one of the 25 projects that were part of our global plan -- the plan that was a finalist and won the People's Choice award in the 2015 CoLab global plan contest. That global plan was judged to be feasible and to have high impact -- keeping global temperature rise at no more than 2 degrees Celsius -- which is our goal  ( Twelve of our proposed projects constitute low-hanging fruit.  They can be implemented largely by volunteers at low cost. We expect that all those projects will be funded and initiated within five years if we are successful in getting even moderate support from one or more of the following:

a) MIT alumni, as described in the present proposal. [We are dropping the idea of asking for endowment money for now, but we might return to the idea at a later time after a track record has been established for Team Mobilize Now.]

b) Contributors we have already recruited. (

c) Foundations we have identified that fund environmental projects ( ) 

d) Wealthy families and individuals (one of whom has already agreed to fund our costs for incorporating as a non-profit organization)


In contrast to the 12 low-hanging-fruit projects mentioned above, it will surely take more than 5 years to get funding for all of the 13 long-term and/or capital-intensive projects we proposed in our global plan. Even so, that is not a daunting factor for us as evidenced by the fact we presently are taking on a project that will require a long-term approach. Specifically, we are taking action to bring it to the attention of COP 22 attendees (and especially host-country Morocco) that a resolution should be passed that all nations should end subsidies to fossil fuels companies.

2) We have already started trying out the Community of Practice concept during teleconferences held by members of Team Mobilize Now. So far, we have had excellent communications and sharing of information in ways that ensure all participants actually do get to participate. What we have found to be successful is (a) having an agenda but not one that is overly rigid, (b) rotating the opportunity to speak -- somewhat like what American Indians have done in the past with a "talking stick," and (c) respecting participants' time by starting and ending meetings promptly.

- Team Mobilize Now