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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Thank you for participating in the 2015 Climate CoLab India's Climate Action Plan contest, and for the time you spent in creating your entry.

The Judges have strongly considered your proposal, and have chosen to not advance it as a Finalist for this contest.

We, the Judges and contest Fellows, are truly grateful for your contribution to the Climate CoLab and for your commitment to address climate change.

We encourage you to keep developing your work and to submit it into future contests, which will open in the fall and winter of 2016. In the meantime, you can keep developing your work by transferring it to the Regional Climate Action Plan Workspace (; here you can re-open it, make edits, and add collaborators. You can do so by logging into your account, opening your proposal, selecting the Admin tab, and clicking “Copy proposal”. Once the 2016 contests open, you can use this same feature to move your proposal to an open contest.

We very much hope you will stay involved in the Climate CoLab community. Please support and comment on other proposals on the platform and continue to submit your ideas into our contests.

If you have questions, please contact the Climate CoLab staff at

Keep up the great work. And thank you again for being a part of this mission to harness the world’s collective efforts to develop and share innovative climate change solutions.

All the best,
2015 Climate CoLab Judges

Additional comments from the Judges:

Comment 1:
This proposal is a muddle of technical and financing options and more of a random listing rather than highlighting a clear path forward and making a case for technical, economic, and implementation feasibility.

Comment 2:
The Water/Energy/Nutrient Nexus (WENN) proposal uses chemosynthetic metabolic phenomenon to produce water, energy and nutrients. The WENN Protocol attempts to outline a suite of extant technologies which can support, to a substantial degree, the net negative global emissions of CO2 as well as support the critical needs of water and nutrient management. The proposed benefits of the solution in terms water generation and carbon sequestration are significant in view of current global environmental challenges like climate change. However, the proposal lacks clarity on crucial aspects. In particular, it falls short in explaining the technical aspects in a comprehensive manner, including the interlinkages between the various sub-components of the proposal. While the discussion has centered on a macro level, the linkage to the Indian context is missing. And lastly, the proposal lacks clarity on the stakeholders involved and type of interactions expected amongst them.

Additional comments from the Fellows:

This is an interesting proposal as fresh water is critical in in Indian context, rapid increase in the population and extensive extraction of fresh water for multi-purpose further aggravate the situation. Using Chemo synthetic metabolic phenomenon for production of water, energy and nutrients nexus as mentioned in the 'pitch' is certainly an idea worth consideration. However, the approach about how to implement the plan is not well defined, especially in the Indian context. An India context is missing in this proposal. As this section exclusively looking at India's Climate Mitigation Strategies, the author/s could have attempted to link the proposal ideas with the Indian context.Certain sections here are discussing more about the proposal the author posted in other contests rather than focusing on giving clarity of each elements of the idea suggested.

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Michael Hayes

Sep 12, 2015


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There have been further refinement of the Water, Energy, Nutrient Nexus (WENN) Protocol in the area of authorship and organization.


The link to that work is:Greetings,There have been further refinement of the Water, Energy, Nutrient Nexus (WENN) Protocol in the area of authorship and organization.The link to that work is:


However, there still is the need to address each nation's/region's ability to use the WENN Protocol per the competition(s) mandate.I'm working my way through the information found in the World Resource Institute database: and hope to be able to make clear linkage between the national pledges and the WENN Protocol within the revision time frame allowed within the Finals stage of the competition.


Your continued patients with the development of the WENN Protocol proposal and further support would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,