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Dustin Carey

Jul 24, 2015


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Thank you for your contest entry. We have looked at your proposal and found that it contained intriguing elements; however, it has not been reviewed in this first round because it does not address the contest prompt. We encourage you to review the contest resources page and to keep developing your idea before the August 31 deadline. You can also transfer your proposal to a more relevant contest or to the Proposal Workspace to re-open it, make edits, add collaborators, and even submit it into a future contest. You can do so by logging into your account, opening your proposal, selecting the Admin tab, and clicking “Move proposal” or “Copy proposals”. Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to complete your proposal. All the best, 2015 Climate CoLab Fellows Additional comments from the Fellows: Hi Jan, I rather like your idea to spur a friendly sense of competition among nations which might encourage novel approaches to desert greening and reforestation efforts. Out of curiosity, did you have an acreage in mind for the plots that would be assigned to the developed nations? I would imagine you would want the aggregate area reforested to be expansive enough so as to provide benefits for the host nation, yet small enough that the costs to participating nations is not overly burdensome. Have you put any thought into methods that could be employed to pitch this idea to prospective participants, how issues such as the potential for introducing invasive species or excessive fertilizer use could be mitigated, or optimal methods of estimating the sequestered carbon from a forest plot? Also, governments themselves are very seldom directly involved in reforestation efforts in developed countries, with the duty more typically falling to individual organizations or corporations. If, for instance, corporations are identified as the most adept at reforestation in Canada, how would they be recruited to participate, and would issues of intellectual property be an issue? However, since your Olympics proposal appears to be largely based on developed country efforts for developing country benefits, I believe this proposal may be better suited for the global contest, and thus will not be reviewed by the Other Developed Countries judges. Instead, regional contest proposals could be centered around specific adaptation and mitigation efforts which may be included in the Olympics, while identifying the specific cumulative impact the total project may have on the included regions. I hope you will continue to develop your idea. The deadline for the Global contest is October 17, 2015. Best, Dustin Fellow, MIT Climate CoLab

Jan Kunnas

Aug 13, 2015


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Thanks for the comments. I will consider moving the proposal to the global contest, or see if I could include it into my current global proposal: In the first case, is there some easy way to transfer the proposal to another contests without rewriting it? Regarding your questions: - I do not have an acreage in mind for the plots neither the location. Like in the case of Olymoics in athletics, the thought is that developing countries would compete for the right to have the Olympics in their country. - The potential for introducing invasive species or excessive fertilizer use could be mitigated, or optimal methods of estimating the sequestered carbon from a forest plot, all these aspects could be included in the competition based on the needs of the country chosen for the Olympics.

Doris Hall

Jul 29, 2020


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The proposal summarizes and interesting idea.