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Hemant Wagh

Apr 16, 2015


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Sir, kindly try to incorporate an inexpensive nonfinance approach towards Proposal for Rural resilience by sofopportunity. Affordable Rural Finance for Rural Resilience. Thanks. Link is below.

Sergio Urioste Daza

Apr 16, 2015


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Congratulations, your project proposal is very interesting. Certainly the inability to access financial capital is a major constraint to socio-economic development, especially in rural areas. I understand that your project focuses primarily on lending for agricultural production development. Keep in mind that agriculture is a risky activity highly vulnerable to external factors, especially extreme weather events. The return on investment is based on crop productivity, which, as I understand not have any support or subsidy. How your project can reduce vulnerability? While you'll financing to farmers, they will not have backup or insurance on covering losses. About 80% of Malawi's population lives in rural ares, and 90% of this population bases its economy on agriculture. An extreme weather event, such as a drought, would strongly affect agricultural production. As a consequence the ability to save money in the population will decline and farmers would be unable to repay their loans; and they will have more debts because of interest rates. I suggest you to complement your project proposal with activities to help reduce the vulnerability of farmers to climate change; such as insurances or technical assistance in production.