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Follow the #rhythm of your #mind, your #body, your #heart and your #soul ... then follow the rhythm of the #World ...



The goal of this proposal is to make people think about themselves and how they think about the world, as a starting point for taking action. This was exactly my way several years ago with the results that I now fast regularly, eat more healthy/less meat and drive by car much less. Maybe you will take other actions than me and your measures of success will be others, but you need to start. How to start? ... Do it immediately now and here:

Please, feel yourself invited to begin to explore this proposal and the related ressources by taking action directly now and do some self reflection: You may check out if answering the question of your individual and the world's wellbeing by making your six crosses here

like in this example

can be a vital spark for changing continuously and learning about:

                  Left: English.                                    Right: German.

To get an impression about how 3C-THINKING with the components CONTEXT<>CONCEPT<>COMPETENCE can help you with this you may have a look at


At this webpage you find 40 questions with which people may get the information needed to understand ...

... CONTEXT: What is the conservation status of the world?

... CONCEPT: What are our concepts do deal with this?

... COMPETENCE: What need to learn to change & act?

So, 3C-THINKING is based on an easy to understand structure to learn about sustainability and to find your personal approach to deal with it.

                      Left: English.                                   Right: German.

Connecting ego and eco means connecting yourself with the World's economy and ecology. Because you are not alone on earth leads to having also social topics in this relation. That's it.

In Hamburg/Germany we meet regularly to discuss topics like 'learning from indigenous people', 'awareness' or 'how to deal with the change'. Find information about the meetings by scrolling down at

What actions do you propose?

Using a very old problem structuring concept that is said to be based in scholastic thinking, three kinds of seeds to grow thinking and acting sustainable can be identified:

  1.  FORCE:               INSIGHT



The proposed action is that people

   1. need to learn about the world and one's self,

   2. need to discover who they are and what they really need and

   3. need to find connections and networks to engage together for a
       better world

Concerning point 2. people may follow sufficiency strategy thinking. With 3. especially approaches related to circular economy and efficiency strategies may be added.

You and other people may start to act not necessarily with 1. but alternatively or additionally with 2. and/or 3., so that we can speak about three kinds of seeds here (e. g. not everyone has the same scientific understanding and can easily start with 1. only and e. g. some people may simply like to start with 3. in a group or network or so). These seeds begin and continue to grow by meeting, speaking and discussing topics of interest in a group. This is, what we are doing in Hamburg/Germany regularly, so that the activities proposed later in this proposal grip on reality and are not only of theoretical meaning.

Who will take these actions?

In Hamburg/Germany a small group of people started some months ago meeting every several months and weeks to share insights. We invite the members of some local and regional networks to get the initiative growing.

This proposal here is done at a very early project stage and people who would like to bring competence and time investment in the following fields

>> Specify the concept for different target groups

>> Exchange of self discovery experiences

>> Dialog and projects in special regions

>> Doing a cMOOC

>> Public relations/grow the network

are highly welcome. A MOOC could possibly be structured like the information at and a related big picture is:

Where will these actions be taken?

In Hamburg/Germany we try to grow the network. What we need now are multiplicators especially related to using the web 2.0 to spread the idea. For this, ideas, information and concepts from the webpage


can be used. In case we find our way out of Germany translating the information on this webpage from German to English have to be thought about.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

This insight, self-discovery and collaborative common approach explained above and based on information about CONTEXT, CONCEPT and COMPETENCE maybe is a very slow working approach, but at the end one out of possibly only a few approaches with a holistic attitude and the potential to get widely spread initiatives for sustainability under one conceptional roof. With this approach widely spread change energy possibly and hopefully can be successfully focussed on solutions concerning adaptation and mitigation. 

What are other key benefits?

To all people who are searching for sense and meaning, being and working together with other people and finding out, who they are and what they need and want, this concept and related activities can give a place to be without the necessity to have a special religious or spiritual background. The concept is based on science from different disciplines. 

What are the proposal’s costs?

Costs are not a primary criterion for success here, insofar this proposal is based on the idea of convincing more and more people who are then beginning to think and act more and more during their day-to-day life (e. g. making better decisions while consuming or going on vacation). With this approach the initiative will grow sustainably itself. So primarily, you can help us by getting more and more people more quickly informed and by building up insight in each individual. For example, with 4800 € we could invest

>> 200 € per month for advertising on local level here for two years


>> 200 € per month to establish a fixed bureau as 1. central working place (opened at one day per week), 2. event and exhibition room in Hamburg, so that we can do our network meetings here.

This would help a lot to grow the network more quickly and to create a contribution to make this world a better place.

Time line

With respect to the described approach, there is no definite time line defined at the moment.

Related proposals


For references you may feel invited to have a look at

At the end of the webpages you reach by following the last four of these links you find the references listed.

Beside the ideas mentioned here and above one additional idea should be mentioned. It is based on the concept, that all of us before being born have made the experiences of GROWING and BEING CONNECTED (see in Germany e. g. the Psychologist Gerald Hüther). My idea is using these as two dimensions to build up an activity matrix that leads us from information to outcome: 

'Nachhaltigkeit' is the German word for 'sustainability'.