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GIFT ECONOMY INC. by Gift circles Cph

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Laur Hesse Fisher

Sep 12, 2014


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Thanks for your proposal! As this is offering a solution, not a contest suggestion, it has been moved to the proposal workspace where you can continue to develop it. ~~ Laur Fisher for the Climate CoLab team

Hemant Wagh

Feb 22, 2015


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Huge gifts would initially be hard to obtain and give. Could we consider beginning with a very small step! Kindly go through a proposal suggesting such a small step & give your valuable feedback. link is below.

Jennifer Perron

Jun 10, 2015


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Hello Nicholas, Thanks for your proposal to the Climate CoLab. I'm one of the catalysts, helping provide comments and feedback, in an effort to help strengthen proposals. Thanks for beginning your proposal on the topic of a gift economy. Please continue to flesh out this idea, the specifics of your proposal, and how it might be operationalized. Continue to fill out the various sections of the description prior to the 6/13 deadline. You'll want to link the idea in to affecting attitudes and behavior on climate change. Thanks for your contributions to the CoLab!

Vishal Bhavsar

Jun 13, 2015


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Great thought! Thank you for the proposal. Do see linkage to other proposal in the contest and across other contest to find synergies. All the best! Do complete the entire proposal. Regards, Vishal