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Pedal power by New Latin America

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Kati Wenzel

Jun 8, 2015


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Hi, this is a very interesting proposal. As you say many similar systems already exist, but the new factor you would like to introduce is the creation of energy. On that point I would like to see more detailed calculations on how much energy you think can realistically be created by the average biker in a day. Also, maybe I am not aware of this new technology, but would these bikes then contain a dynamo and rechargable batteries all on the bike while cycling? I so far only know of ways to store energy from cycling for short periods of time or to convert it directly into energy to be used right away. Therefore, some more details on the feasability of the technical side of energy production and storage would be useful. I also wonder if enough energy could be created to actually pay back the investment costs.Thanks and good luck, Kati

Bruno Gomes

Jun 11, 2015

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Dear Sergio Daza, My name is Bruno Gomes and I am the designated Impact Assessment Fellow for this proposal. You can learn more about me on the Climate CoLab website. My role with the Climate CoLab is to help you to quantify the climate impact of your proposal, or in other words the CO2-equivalent emissions reduction. This will help you answer the contest question: “How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business-as-usual levels?” You can then input your results into the Impact Tab of your proposal. The first step is for me to perform a preliminary screening. Depending on the size and complexity of the proposal, I may work with you in developing a detailed model or allow you to work yourself using our methodology. During this collaboration I will use my technical background as well as modeling tools. If I work with you on a detailed model: Since you are most knowledgeable about your proposal, I may reach out to you periodically to obtain assumptions and data associated with your proposal. Should you feel the assumptions used by Impact Assessment Fellows do not accurately depict the impact of your proposal, feel free to discuss this with us and update your model. If you develop a model yourself: We have provided resources on the Climate CoLab website to help you calculate the CO2e impact of your proposal. Here are some links: • Assessing the impact of your proposal or plan • Methodology for Sector/Basic proposals • Methodology for Regional and Global plans Looking forward to collaborating with you on your proposal on climate change! Best, Bruno