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Patented gearbox apparatus design provides all needed speeds/uses smallest motor without acceleration system by least gears number in world



Each of state-of-the-art 1,000 gearbox apparatus designs produces all needed speeds by least number of gears in the world that opens opportunity to transform existing machine propulsion to non-accelerated propulsion in an automatic regime. It cuts: (1) about 80% additional energy that acceleration system uses for motor shaft standard speed increasing, (2) motor power that needs when increasing motor shaft speed is reducing its highest torque, (3) time of acceleration movement from stop. It uses only motor shaft standard (idle) speed in the work process that reduces heat or motor costs by using cheapest material and cooling system. There is also opportunity to reduce vehicle roads traffics in the cities that creates additional unknown motor energy consumption and GHG emissions.

A non-accelerated propulsion is old concept how properly to use levers or shift gearbox according to the Physics Law of Lever. There universal machine tool design where was and is control speeds by only shift gearbox with parallel and split shafts without parts acceleration by additional electromagnet field to  electric motor physical volume. It did not use planetary gearbox that is too heavy and uses up to 8% energy (4 items=8% x4=32%).

However, this unique method of design opens opportunity to increase forward and reverse speeds without additional gears and maybe shafts numbers and to use full automatic shift mechanism.

For example, revolutionary method creates gearbox apparatus of 144 forward/72 reverse torque/overdrive speeds comprises one gear less than the heavy-duty truck gearbox of 18 forward/2 reverse torques. Shift gearbox apparatus of nine (9) shafts consumes only 2%X8=16% energy but it increases motor torque magnitude in up to x5x5x5x5x5x5x5==390,625 times.

What actions do you propose?

You know the land, water and air forces push vehicles according to the Physics Laws of Motion and Levers on Earth.  They never are increased when motor power will be increased. The land, water and air friction forces are only dependent to the vehicle weights.

The first inventor Mr. Carl Benz have proved that the land friction force pushes vehicle with very small size of motor. He has moved the first steel vehicle with power-to-weight ratio equal 779 from stop by 0.75 horse power of engine (patent #37435) at 1886 in the Germany.

Why present cars use motor power up to 750 HP?

At 1914, the USA manufactures had begun to add to motor up to 80% gas to its physical volume that REDUCES the shaft standard HIGHEST torque magnitude by INCREASING its idle speed for vehicle acceleration. Therefore the motor interior acceleration system required to increase motor size to 20 HP.

Other words, transmission torque using was eliminated by excessive motor shaft torque that was increased in 779x20/ 1200x 500/1200= 13 times. 

However, additional gas or electromagnet field not only reduces highest standard motor shaft torque by increasing its standard speed to higher speed. The acceleration system also struggles with any transmission torque that only reduces speed of movement for result of wasting additional energy by motor.

Therefore, huge public transportation as locomotive, ship, helicopter, submarine, propeller airplane etc. ignore to use existing shift gearbox and their propulsions have only motor(s) with acceleration system. The excessive motor energy consumption price is paid by taxpayers or/and many people as passengers.

At 21st Century, earth has above one billion of vehicles with propulsion designs where use additional gas or electromagnet field of motor interior acceleration system for control of speeds changing.

Why vehicle manufactures that dictate to use transmission torques that waste only additional energy during above 100 years? There is customer pays for excessive energy consumption. Why they choose automatic transmission of 9 speeds that has 4 planetary gearboxes that waste about 32% energy and too expensive and too heavy in comparison to existing gearbox with parallel or split shafts but existing designs? There are existing shifting mechanisms designs that prevents to build full automatic system of operation.

As my huge manufacture experience of 18 years tells that change product too expensive and requires too many times and human’s mistakes because too large companies ignore any innovation where need to stop conveyers.

Middle manufacture will change product more quickly and cheaper but it has insufficient financial resources to will be competitor to huge manufacture.

Therefore, efficient way to stop climate changing is alternative cheapest part of product that replaces existing part of existing product and save money of consumer.

 These two USA patents #8,011,274 at 09/06/2011 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 that disclosed above 1,000 gearbox apparatuses of mutually definite units with forced energy economy system (GAFEES) are based on the earth Creator’s physics laws of lever and inertia of motion. They will transform all machine propulsion so that consumer will save energy in at least 2 times.  For example, long haul tracking driver saves above $25,000 per year by $ 1.50 diesel economy. It is dependent to customer of existing vehicle / machine that has interest to invest money that returns back after certain period by energy and movement time economy.

  Business proposition has TWO SERVICES and PRODUCTION of above 1,000 state-of-the-arts gearbox apparatuses with forced energy economy system (GAFEES). One produces all needed increased and reduced speeds by least numbers of gears and maybe shafts.  For example, revolutionary method creates GAFEES of 144 forward/72 reverse torque/overdrive speeds that comprises one gear less than the heavy-duty truck gearbox of 18 forward/2 reverse torques.

FIRST SERVICE: It provides to cut up to 80% additional energy is wasted by motor acceleration system that increases standard (idle) speed and reduces its highest torque. GAFEES replaced transmission or is installed in existing propulsion and uses only existing motor idle speed. It reduces or eliminates to use acceleration system. In this case, GAFEES produce only increased or overdrive speeds.

SECOND SERVICE: It provides additional energy economy by replacing also existing motor by motor with smaller power or size.  For example, shift gearbox apparatus of nine shafts consumes only 2%X8=16% energy but it increases motor torque magnitude in up to x5x5x5x5x5x5x5==390,625 times.

Who will take these actions?

The key actors from:

  1. Government with green organizations will limit or eliminate to use motor acceleration system, planetary gearboxes and stop to increase motor size and to ignore using levers as is shift gearbox in transportation propulsion. There is each vehicle manufacture must pay for its new product energy consumption during, for example, one year according to consumer’s documents or return back his/her money that were spent at date of the purchase. This energy cost will be separate to vehicle cost. This way will increase competitors on vehicle market and will eliminate huge companies that destroy economy by their mistakes and stopping technical progress. Any product market must have only middle and small manufactures for economy growing. I sure today time to create law of human greediness for limiting size of large company to middle company size. Alternatively, too old way will destroy economy and life on Earth.
  2. Business and individuals must ignore to use public transportation which use excessive energy consumption because each ,for example, huge ship must has transportation price where will be shown energy consumption cost.

Where will these actions be taken?

It is works everywhere on Earth

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

12,000 mile average per year per vehicle (cars, minivans, pick-ups, vans and SUVs) ÷ 25.5 average miles per gallon= 470.6 average gallons per year× 17.68 average pounds of CO2 per gallon of gas= 8,320 pounds of CO2 per vehicle per year. So more than four tons of new greenhouse gas is floating around our atmosphere each year for every car is on the road.

Today is above one billion cars. FIRST SERVISE: Elimination of gas or magnet field acceleration system of existing vehicle/machine cuts greenhouse gas emissions in at least 2 times. We can reduce carbon dioxide in about 4 BILLION tons.

SECOND SERVISE: Additional emissions cutting is 180/20 =9 x 4bl =36 BILLION tons where 180 HP is average magnitude of car motor using today (transmission does not saves energy and works as many clutches but lower gears waste additional energy) and 20 HP motor of non-accelerated propulsion that will use GA-FEES with only overdrive speeds.

 BOTH SERVISE: Total emissions cutting is 36 bl+4bl=40 BILLION TONS

What are other key benefits?

LAND VEHICLE TRAFFIC WILL BE REDUCING OR ELIMINATION AT CITIES: It is additional unknown energy economy AND EMISSIONS if road traffic will be reduced or eliminated by vehicle/machine with non-accelerated propulsion that cut time of acceleration from stop and reaches any speed more quickly than any existing sport vehicle (SUV).

USA MACHINE TOOL and HEAVY-DUTY EQUIPMENT SAVES ENERGY AND EMISSIONS: Transformation or replace USA 3,000,000,000 machine tools and heavy-duty equipment by GA-FEES is small motor and stronger working organ.

GA-FEES WILL MODERNIZE POWER PLANT FOR ELIMINATING TO USE STEAM. Why TODAY power plant continues to use STEAM AS FORCE? Full mechanical system included GA-FEES will eliminate to use 100% steam or heat source as fossil fuel and nuclear by modernizing power plant (patent pending).

GA-FEES WILL MODERNIZE HOME AND GARDEN APPLIANCE. Why too huge motor directly join to working organ at home/garden appliances OR DESIGN IGNORES TO USE LEVER? It was way at 100 years ago.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Each engineer has schedule/ milestone with cost in first year.

Schedule/ Milestone with Cost

Milestones                                                   Time (End of)                    Costs

Kickoff Meeting                                                            1 week                     2,300

Kickoff Meeting with Subcontractors        5 weeks                       


Preliminary Design                                         18 weeks                          37,900

Fabrication of Prototypes I and II                  12 weeks                      26,400

Testing of Prototypes I and II                         12 weeks                        28,000

Total                                                                       48 weeks                      99,800

Time line

The proposed actions will be phased in over the short term (5-15 years)

Related proposals

What other Climate CoLab proposals are related to this proposal? It is revolutionary technology that follow to the first inventor Mr. Carl Benz who has moved the first steel vehicle with power-to-weight ratio equal 779 from stop by 0.75 horse power of engine (patent #37435) at January 29, 1886 in the Germany.

 I can prove it is earth Creator’s idea to stop destroying atmosphere and earth underground by human who ignore the Earth Laws of life. Why He gave it to me to disclose as independent inventor at USA where I was moved by life conditions from my successful businesses in the Russia? I did not know but I as earth tenant must divide my responsibility for life of next generations among other organizations and people.


This innovation onwww.repowermachine.comis finalist at Clean-tech and Energy of 2012 Minnesota's TEKNE AWARDS where is wrote:

TransUNImission has invented a motorized machine to convert momentum to speed more efficiently. By creating a motorized machine with mutually definite units for forced energy economy (MDUFEE) this gearbox family is revolutionizing engines. The family of designs produces torque and overdrive speeds in a faltering geometric sequence that significantly reduces power that a motorized vehicle or craft or machine tools needs. This is achieved by using the unique function to keep highest power of power source shaft within its work process. It also substantially limits or eliminates the need for conventional acceleration systems to control speeds by maximizing energy consumption.