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Traffic congestion management system to monitor all major congested roads and control traffic lights on junctions to avoid the traffic jams.



Why this problem? Because in most major big cities both in developing and developed countries face a big traffic jam problems. And traffic problems leads economy loss in terms of loss of lots of barrels of gasoline while waiting on the jams also in time lost waiting that could be used in other works.

How does the system work? In most areas traffic jams occur on roads connected by busy junctions. Occassionaly traffic jams can be worse if more than one junction depending on  each other creates a deadlock. So the system will be monitoring traffic on the road and the traffic lights will be operated according to demand on roads so as to avoid traffic jams.

What actions do you propose?

 I propose that this system to be installed in cities on the busiest junctions to monitor roads and prevent traffic jams.

Who will take these actions?

For the traffic management system, the main actors are govenments to install the system. Also individual can be actors by following rule and direction from the system so as its impacts can work to reduce traffic jams

Where will these actions be taken?

This actions should be applied in all cities though my system will target mainly Dar es salaam first. Because we can not try to reduce carbon emission only in Dar es salaam, this is the responsibility of every country to fight to reduce carbon emission.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

The carbon emission will be reduced by 20% and therefore the rate of increase of global warming will reduce by very large amount.

What are other key benefits?

1. Reduce loss of economy in fuel waste in traffic jams.

2. Reduce loss of time lost in traffic jams which could be used in constructive activities.

3. Easy help the emergence service vehicle to perform their work efficiently by giving them priority automatically. (Also there will be some one to monitor the system he can make other decision that the system can not decide).

What are the proposal’s costs?

The cost of the traffic congestion management system for one junction will be 7000$.

Negative effect that can be handled with good security is hacking of the system.

Time line

For the 1-3 years the system will be made for Dar Es Salaam and will be installed at the most frequently congested roads. Then after the first three years, other cities with similar problems will be considered as customers to target the advertisements.

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