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Wide use of eco-friendly public transport over private transport in cities will reduce misuse of fuel, traffic jams and reduce emission.



Wide purchasing and use of private transport system leads to increase in traffic density hence if not managed properly it can lead to traffic congestion (jams) hence loss of fuel while waiting in traffic jams. So if most people use public transport, it will reduce number of vehicles on the road.

What actions do you propose?

Us individuals to use public eco-friendly public transport than using private transport.

Who will take these actions?

For the idea of encouraging individuals to use public transportation the main actors are everyone (to decide and use the public transportation)T

The government (to encourage the use and improve the quality of the public transport system).

Where will these actions be taken?

This actions can be implemented in any city

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

This will reduce emission by 10%

What are other key benefits?

This will reduce emissions.

This will reduce loss of fuel on road by many cars instead there will be few public  transport.

Reduction of time loss if there were a  traffic jam

What are the proposal’s costs?

Cost are in loss to those who sell private cars if actions are taken.

Cost in ways the government and private sectors will encure on encouraging use of this actions

Time line

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