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Monika Dos Santos

Mar 6, 2016


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Dear Syed

Thank you for submitting a very interesting and relevant proposal to the Adaptation context.  It may be useful to to provide a bit more detail, for example, with regards to your  budget - ie a budget breakdown, and how realistic it is in terms of the actions proposed in your submission.

Best wishes, Monika

Rita Marteleira

Mar 28, 2016


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Dear Syed

your proposal seems most interesting, as water-food nexus is a key issue in climate adaptation.

I totally agree with Monika's note that more detail should be provided. Although your arguments are very well structured, I think that the proposed actions are not clear (this is, after all, a proposal). Is it a research study on water security under this new holistic perspective?

Keep up the good work, Rita

Natalie Unterstell

Apr 3, 2016


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Thank you for your proposal.

I was wondering if your actions could be more specific or if they are aspirational.

Could you provide details in terms of when/where/how a sustainable path would be deployed?

Laurie Ashley

May 5, 2016


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This is a critical issue for adaptation. Anthropogenic changes to the water cycle both through physical intervention and climate change are significant.  In the context of this contest, it would be very helpful to break down your proposed actions into more specific tangible activities.


Rita Marteleira

May 17, 2016


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Dear proposal author(s)

Thank you again for submitting your proposal to the adaptation contest.

Just a friendly reminder: you only have 6 days left to update and improve your proposal before the contest closure on May 23rd! 

Keep up the good work and let us know if you have any queries!

Best wishes,

Rita Marteleira

Adaptation Contest Fellow

Patrick Ray

May 23, 2016


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Cross-Correlation and Uncertainty team,

Last day to refine the proposal. Looking forward to seeing the final version.

A couple of suggestions: explain what you propose needs to be measured, and what relationships (correlations) will be explored. Also detail the costs. Why will it cost $130,000? What will be done in the short term?

Good luck.

Sergio Pena

May 23, 2016


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Dear Syed, still the relationship between the two main elements, water and food security should be improve. Clearly there is a need on water to help agriculture in producing agricultural products and shortage of water will provoke shortage of agricultural products and eventually decreased in food security. However, the ratios of that phenomena would be interested to know, if possible. As well, an example that can depict how this has happened already would be intersting (for example in certain countries of Africa, Asia or Latin America and even in developed countries. Certainly a reference on law and public policy would be interesting to know, for example, how public policies and legal rules on water might help to decrease the relationship between shortage of water and shortage of food from agriculture. Your proposal, however, is timely. Cheers. 

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