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Irrigate the worlds deserts with a scaled up version of The Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine on hydrogen from a solar hydrogen Trends system.



I propose we use a large version of the MYT engine to irrigate the Worlds deserts and farm lands via high pressure, high volume and high flow pipelines.

If we can remove the salt on a larger scale we could pump ocean water though pipelines inland to farm lands etc, after removing the salt...

Major progress has been made with graphene filters for removing salt etc. from ocean water on larger scales.

If we can use several of these filters along a pipeline to remove the salt maybe we can pump the cleaned water to irrigate farms and deserts.

The MYT engine is a multi fuel engine with very low emissions and while burning hydrogen, no harmful emissions.

The MYT engine is the only engine in the world with the right features to pump large flow and volumes of high pressure water and produce zero harmful emissions.

Videos of MYT Engine :

The water could be pumped from the coasts, inland in areas all over the world to help with drought.

Of course all this depends on if the graphene filters can handle the volume water and pressure.

My understanding is these graphene filters are very efficient.

Graphene's potential to provide drinking water Videos :

Graphene Desalination Large Scale

A new approach to water desalination

I will provide videos


Category of the action

Mitigation/Adaptation, Changing public attitudes about climate change

What actions do you propose?

Main idea is pipelines for water not oil and use some of the water for fuel to run the MYT Engine with Solar Hydrogen Trends unlimited hydrogen on-demand systems.

I believe this would help with lowering water levels while providing water for drought areas from farms to deserts.



Who will take these actions?

This would need major government investment and implementation.


Where will these actions be taken?

We could irrigate as many drought stricken areas as possible all over the world to grow food, provide safe clean water for drinking etc. and lower ocean water levels.

What are other key benefits?

Clean water for drinking, irrigation for farm lands and deserts, provide clean safe drinking water and lowering ocean water levels.


What are the proposal’s costs?

There would be major costs, but it would be far cheaper then building high sea walls along low areas of the costs around the globe.

I heard one projection of 64 billion dollars to protect the East coast of Canada alone.

The MYT engine would be powered by a hydrogen on demand systems by Solar Hydrogen Trends, which would use solar power and ocean water passed through a graphene filter for fuel, so very cheap.

Time line

The timeline depends on the graphene filters as a pipeline for water would be cheap and easy to setup.

Also it would be a lot easy to get a pipeline for clean water approved faster then for toxic chemicals like oil.

The MYT engine is fully scalable and would not take long to assemble.

Related proposals

This is a duplicate idea of my plan, please delete this one thank you

Take Care


MYT Engine Playlist