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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Comments from Judge 1:

This proposal combines the concept of a "closed" environment with a "semi-closed" environment and the approach raises questions about the best way to conserve water.

Comments from Judge 2:

The description is not sufficiently developed, and it is not clear how this is related to buildings.

Novelty: The concept of enabling more vegetation and carbon uptake in arid regions is interesting; however, the described action of providing bottles for contained plant growth is vague.

Feasibility: While not clear, the proposal appears to promote the use of bottled plant ecosystems to absorb CO2 in regions where insufficient water is available for large scale plant growth or tree planting. However, it is not clear that a contained ecosystem, without harvesting of plant material to stimulate new growth, would have a significant net absorption of CO2. I would like to see some technical discussion of how the bottled ecosystem becomes a carbon sink for the surrounding atmosphere.

Impact: The impact of this project cannot be determined from the proposal. I would need to see some calculations on the amount of CO2 sequestered for each bottle and the timeframe over which this occurs.

Presentation: The proposal is incomplete and appears to be more of a side-thought from a different proposal submitted for regions with sufficient water resources.

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