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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

There is merit to reducing cost of energy efficiency measure identification/adoption and this concept partially being implemented by online service providers today. The proposal covers a lot of ground with developing a proprietary building energy scan, new online marketplace for services with scheduling capability, real time energy monitoring for home, etc. and the proposal would benefit from defining a staged approach with timelines to these features/functions. This proposal is not recommended to advance to the next round.

This proposal seeks to leverage the use of new and emerging technologies to address the critical challenge of investing in energy upgrades in residential and small commercial building space. Taking a fresh look at this problem is definitely worthwhile; however, the proposal leaves many key questions unanswered. For example- - The author states that IoT is used in this platform, but does not provide any more details as to how - Is getting an energy audit done really a barrier? Many utilities now offer a preliminary walk through audit for free for businesses - How does this platform compare to existing offerings by Opower and others, that already allow for visualizing energy use metrics, provide options for investing in energy upgrades and use gamification as a strategy for driving investments in these upgrades? I recommend that this proposal be advanced, but the author needs to address these questions going ahead for providing an effective proposal.

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