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Kelly Levell

Feb 6, 2016


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Switch to 100% renewable enrgy sources

James Lau

Jun 22, 2016


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The headline for this contest should be " How GHG emission from electricity generating sector can be eliminated". OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion can make global electricity generation free of GHG emission. Electricity generated can be converted to other form (such as liquid ammonia) and meet all other energy demand. The energy supply contest fail to advance this real global energy solution. The reason for rejection is there are some other people working on OTEC. All contest entry can be rejected based on this reason.

Tom Willson

Apr 27, 2017


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What about natural gas fuel cell. We already have an infrastructure and we can make electricity with no carbon emissions.Use solar photovoltaic and only use natural gas when nessary. We do not even know what LNG is and what is being done with it wherever is is being exported.Clean air and water has to have an importance level

Tom Willson

Apr 28, 2017


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Gassfication is a great system to reduce vegation in landfills. Rivers are having the aquatic plants sprayed causing and increased sedimation build up. Harvest it and use the schottdorf reactor to receive gas and bio char.

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