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End Federal support for Climate Change by a 45% cut in oil use by 2020 by increasing the tax on foreign oil $30/barrel each Memorial Day.



American democracy requires a majority to act. Create a majority willing to act by combining causes into a simple to understand process.

Climate Change, oil-wars, $18 trillion in Federal debt, NSA police state surveillance, militarizing police forces have a one single common cause, Federal violation of Divided Sovereignty and the "post Roads" restriction.

On Sept 14, 1787 in the Constitutional Convention Dr Franklin proposed the Federal government be enumerated a power to tax to build highways and canals. After discussions of the King's transport monopoly (East India Company, Boston Tea Party), by a vote of 8 to 3, Federal sovereignty to tax to build infrastructure was limited to no more than was required to defend free speech. If no other means was available, the Federal government to tax to build "post Roads". 

Vetoes by President Madison, Jackson and Polk underscore this limitation. Federalist #9, #10, #45 underscore that Divided Sovereignty, Federal over issues of war and peace, States and citizen over all else would create a diversity of state economies that would be a defense against Tyranny of the Majority. 

It was diversity of state economies, conflict between free-labor and slave-labor states in the western expansion, that forced an end to Federal support for slavery. 

The Constitution's Framers accommodated the Tyranny of the Majority's illicit dependence on slavery energy and tried to gradually end slavery by imposing a tax on importation and ban on importation after 1808. This was not enough. Subsequently the Federal government actively worked to expand slavery by the Kansas-Nebraska Act and Dred Scott Decision.

Federal support for the Illicit Energy from slave labor and from borrowing $18 trillion against the future labor of children to buy foreign oil is based on the same Tyranny of the Majority.

A new majority needs to be established that breaks Federal support for foreign oil. Incrementally increase the tax on foreign oil.


Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Implement the Memorial Day Tax to De-fund Terrorism.

With their lives and wounds American soldiers bought Americans time to end our dependence on foreign oil since 1991. Honor the sacrifice of soldiers by increasing the tax on each barrel of foreign oil $30 every Memorial Day. Use of foreign oil will decrease as the cost increments higher. 

Reinforce this tax by having the military and governments lead by example by cutting oil use 45% on the following schedule:

  • The US military cuts it use of oil to within domestic resources in 2015, a 45% cut in oil use.
  • The Federal government cut its use of oil to within domestic resources by 2017.
  • State governments cut their oil use by 45% by 2018.


As US demand for oil decreases 45%, the rate of oil field depletion, cost of oil, oil use will also likely drop. The typical America uses 302 megaBTUs per year, a 45% cut in all energy use would cut this to 196 megaBTUs, still well above the 161 megaBTUs of the typical German. An advanced economy can be operate far more efficiently.

Who will take these actions?

Every American will participate with leadership by the US military's 45% immediate use cut.

Where will these actions be taken?

Action is in the US.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?

By cutting oil use 45% the cost of oil will stay lower than if demand continues at current levels. This is decreasing the demand for fracking. Terrorist will be de-funded. Families in America will likely save a car payment per month on their transportation expenses. America cities will become as safe to bike in as European cities.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Net cost savings as Americans consume less resources. 


Time line


An increasing $30 per barrel tax on foreign oil each Memorial Day.

  • The US military cuts it use of oil to within domestic resources in 2015, a 45% cut in oil use.
  • The Federal government cut its use of oil to within domestic resources by 2017.
  • State governments cut their oil use by 45% by 2018.

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