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Overcome local communities' resistance to wind farms by turning them into desirable work of art backed by famous designers



Across the world, wind energy penetration suffers from the resistance of local communities that see wind mills as a deterioration or their environment. The proposal recommends to crowdsource designs from the most famous designers who would pro bono design unique patterns for specific mills. These could come as one design per wind turbine, or in "limited editions" (like actual art, whereby the artwork is produced in, say, 20 copies). 

The artwork would be deployed on the tower as a "wrapper" of plastic or other material that can be printed and glued easily. All kind of designers could apply their craft to this new type of canvas - from contemporary painters, to fashion apparel, to luxury to even car designers. And, clearly, all designers without a famous name could join in. 

Potentially, and subject to engineering validation, the artwork could be dynamic if the design were applied on the blades whose circular motion could draw interesting patterns in the air - possibly even creating different figures as the speed of rotation changes. And just possibly - using fluorescent materials those patterns could also be visible in the night. 

Additionally, there could be designs for entire wind farms - whose patterns would become a combination of the individual towers and blades' designs. 

Wind energy maintenance companies (possibly the equipment OEMs themselves) would install the artwork, but they (or others, such as fashion or design houses or schools) could also create marketplaces for the best design (a la

The local community could pick the design from the marketplace that best suits them - and be proud of their local monument. In the best cases, the wind farm could become a minor tourist attraction. 

An additional, potential benefit could be that the artwork alerts birds of danger (which is a non-insignificant environmental impact of large scale wind farms).




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