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Constant pressure can be converted into constant electrcal current production causing fuel less electricity.



The Static generator

The system replaces fossil fuels for electricity production and transportation , High density "active" 24/ 7 production independent of environment. The system is not a converter of energy ...It's a source of energy.

The Static generator is a pressure cycle that drafts itself forward producing fuel less electricity. The scope of the scale of the mechanism is vast and  is scalable will work for many applications.

This system will demonstrate that an unlimited supply of clean electrical current can be attained from a fixed pressure rating. The current density "intensity level"  though is restricted by material selection.

The system depicted is a Dc (direct current ) system with compounding wound field coil within the stator / field coil in number 10. Number 10 also then be modified to produce Ac (alternating current ) with an addition of a magneto and Dc to Ac current inverter in number 15.  This caused the cost of manufacture to drop..

The Hydraulic fluid in this system a non- conductive

( electrically) " light weight oil silicone oil....

Number 9 and number 10 can also interchange positions ie. number 9 where number 10 is depicted  and number 10 where number 9 is depicted ... note the high side of the ratio gear set must remain toward number 8 within number 9.

Numbers 4 and number 9 will or can also contain electric drive motors on the high side of the ratio gear set. this will aid in acceleration of system also increasing the rotational force able to be applied to then yield more electricity output. the current is produced within number 10 and used re directed / compounding " increasing" according to electrical load requirement but controlled in number 15...

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Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

1. Physical  actions to be adopted that will have a direct impact on climate change; Implement the design system for fuel less dehumidification, Oceanic distillation ( cost effective for agriculture ), feed correct scrub grass that sequesters, in by the root more carbon....

Apply the system in self charging electric Automobiles....



Who will take these actions?

key actors; roles

government, system may correct infrastructure by reduced cost then also being passed on to repair things like Social Security , road way repair.

business,  Good for business avoids hyper inflation due to peak oil...

organizations,  Educational... Civic groups concerned about the ecology...

individuals,   sure why not?

Where will these actions be taken?


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

total reversal of out of control Carbon dioxide / Methane trigger... temporal progression also avoids oceanic Anoixc events ( mass extinction ).

What are other key benefits?

Unlimited food production... leads to farming in outer Space.... Algae as basal plastics source... / algae reactors in space that grow more space stations for habitation and farming..... also less requirement for pesticide in the food chain....

What are the proposal’s costs?

self generating.... pays for itself... chain reaction

Time line

CO2 correction est 13 years.. if all systems applied in sequence...

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