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Stevie Harison

May 6, 2016


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Hello there!

Basically, your idea is interesting enough.

Could you provide more details of your proposal?

Please complete it soon so that we can give more analysis and recommendations.


Thank you.

Akshat Agarwal

May 23, 2016


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I'm aagarwal93 and am helping in completing the impact assessment of your proposal. The proposal is extremely interesting, but can you highlight the potential of the devices to reduce CO2 emissions?





Perry Grossman

Jun 10, 2016


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Congratulations on making the semi-finals!

Isn't this kind of energy evaluation very expensive?

"Show the public buildings and the buildings and premises of enterprises function on the map apart from residential buildings. Show working hours of all buildings except residential. The buildings are constructed in accordance with drawing so the indoor circuit, position of doors and windows is clear. Show in real time which premises are active where equipment consuming electricity functions and there are no supply of electricity for example stairs and warehouses. Heat is lost through walls, windows, doors in the direction of walls. The air moves in and out through windows, doors, ventilation in the direction of windows, doors and ventilation. Things and people move in and out of the premises in the direction of walls and stairs."

(Though people are trying to less expensive solutions like Essess-- with long range IR guns.)

Does your solution require new technologies or can it be implemented with existing technologies?

I don't see how you get this to move in the way that you would like:

"Plants inhale CO2 and exhale O2 during daytime. Deciduous trees inhale CO2 during summer. Show the places on the map which inhale CO2 now. Choose suitable whirlpool in the streets of towns, buildings, heat power plants."

"The idea of this project is to even the imbalances of atmospheric pressure. Winds blow from places with higher pressure to the places with lower pressure. By regulating supply of electricity we can even these differences in atmosphere. By looking at CO2 consumption i.e. forests we can create winds that will push CO2 to forests and fields where crops grow when they inhale CO2 from places CO2 is produced i.e. towns."

And as the judges asked, how you people best act on the information collected?

Good luck,