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Stevie Harison

May 6, 2016


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Hello there!

Basically, your idea is interesting enough.

Could you provide more details of your proposal?

Please complete it soon so that we can give more analysis and recommendations.


Thank you.

Perry Grossman

May 16, 2016


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Great idea. Would be cool to see this developed more.

I am trying to think of the next steps to get this moving-- like contacting artists, working with communities, etc. I am thinking that surveys might help identify resident interest in this solution.

I wonder if the art might make the wind farms stand out too much, though. Current farms seem to seek as little visibility as possible, which seems good.

Yes, maybe more visibility would reduce bird kills, or reduce concerns about ocean wind farms and boating.

Wonder how this might fit with other wind farm solutions, e.g.:


Perry Grossman

Jun 10, 2016


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Congratulations on making the semi-finals.

It would be great if you could provide more details in the blank sections.

Also, could you address the judges' question:

"For the next round of judging, please expand the proposal to clarify the degree to which you expect this program could increases use of wind power relative to present trends. More clear identification of impacts is recommended."

Aditya Sonpipare

Jun 21, 2016


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The idea is great, but it will attract only those people who like art and related areas. You have to think in terms of involving greater section of the society.