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Vishal Bhavsar

May 1, 2016


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Can you cover more on the principle on which this technology/billboard is based. Also the technical, financial feasbility. 


Also build on the other sections of the proposal.



Carlos Emilio Perez Damas

May 15, 2016


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Could you please provide more information about the specific technology that is used to collect water from air?

Also, what is the capacity of water collection for these billboards? How many liters per day and what are the factors that influence the performance of the system ?

If you were to produce water for over 100 thousand people using this technology? Would this affect the air humidity in that specific city or community? Low levels of humidity in the air could also lead to other undesired effects in human health so you want to take into considerations other possible environmental impacts of your proposed solution.

Thank you and best of luck!