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Convert the Methane From Farm Waste To Electricity via 100% Emission Free, Bloom Energy Fuel Cells



Using groomed landscapes with a lower center collection site for watering and feeding livestock on top of grates, over a large underground storage tank. 

Store the livestock waste in huge tanks under the feeding and watering areas for Dairy farms, feedlots and large farms.

Convert the methane from the waste into electricity using the multi fuel cells by Bloom Energy.

This has been done before on dairy farms but, they used a generator.

I choose the Bloom Energy Fuel Cells because the can convert any gas to electricity, with 200 kw in the area the size of a parking spot and produce zero harmful emissions.

How Cow Waste Generates Electricity :

Behind the scenes with Bloom Energy’s new fuel cell :

For land use I suggest we pump ocean water though graphene filters to remove salt  and irrigate the Worlds deserts and farms while providing clean drinking water to remote communities inland, via pipelines for water.

I suggest we use the multi fuel, MYT Engine, to pump the water via pipelines to irrigate as many drought stricken areas as possible around the World.

The more water we use the better as it will help to lower sea levels and save valuable farm land plus over a billion of people who live in low lying coastal city's.

This will be much cheaper then building sea walls and look better no change.

I suggest we plant the Hemp plant in as many areas as possible as the plant improves soil, requires no pesticides and filters water while removing Co2 from the atmosphere.

Every part of the Hemp plant is useful for making plastic products 10 times stronger the steel and the seeds provide one of the number one super foods in the world.

Hemp Mother Natures Eco Friendly Invention :


What actions do you propose?

We would need several MYT Engines 5x5x7ft to pump water via pipelines to inland farms and deserts.

I would provide hydrogen for the MYT Engine with an unlimited hydrogen on demand system from Solar hydrogen trends, which requires only 500 watts of electricity.

I would use a solar panel with a graphene EESD for power at night, for running the MYT engine and there would be no harmful emissions and also very cheap to run and maintain. 

Industrial grade graphene water filters have been made and we already know how to transport water through pipes.

I propose we pump as much sea water inland as possible to hopefully lower water levels and increase land area for farming.

I propose Hemp become the Worlds number one cash crop again and make full use of this wonderful plant.

Who will take these actions?

Governments around the World would be required to irrigate the Worlds deserts as I am not sure how business could profit yet by this except palm tree plantations in deserts.

Livestock farms with large volumes of animals all over the World.

Farmers around the World have to plant and harvest Hemp plants and government representatives should try and smoke a few joints of hemp so they get the full picture. You can not get high from smoking this version of the plant and no one in their right mind would grow the two in the same area.

Where will these actions be taken?

All over the World, the more places the better.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Methane from farm waste is one of the worst green house gases, I would hope for a 60% reduction are better.

What are other key benefits?

Increased farm land for growing food and palm oil, while saving other farm lands before they dry up and the top soil blows away.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Cheaper the building sea walls and a lot better looking no change.

Time line

The MYT Engine could be ready fast, there are several types of graphene water filters I think we should use all of them and pipelines for clean water would be faster to get approved then for toxic oil etc.

The MYT engine is a fully scalable multi fuel engine that is very efficient.

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Similar to my proposal to irrigate the worlds deserts to lower ocean water levels.


How Cow Waste Generates Electricity :

Behind the scenes with Bloom Energy’s new fuel cell :

Hemp Mother Natures Eco Friendly Invention :