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Angélica Lara P.r.

May 19, 2016


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I would like to know ¿what is the cost approximately of this technology for a building?

Best regards and success


Christos Drongitis

May 19, 2016


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Dear Angelica,

thank you very much for your comment.

The cost  for 100 square meters of building, for two 2 square meters solar collectors with solar tracking and IoT application,  is 4000 dollars.

The solar collectors can be easily connected directly to the burner (petrol or gas) of the heating system, and achieve a 60% reduction in the fuels used for heating in winter time.

Our aim is that the cost of the solar collectors to be paid back in 5 to 3 years, from the cost of the fuels saved.

Lighthouse solar collector can also be connected to an Absorption Chiller, that uses heat (from burning gas) in order to produce cooling and heating  for the building. In such a case Lighthouse Solar Collector provides the heat (from the sun)  needed by the Absorption Chiller and saves gas (up to 60% savings),  while at the same time assists the generation of cooling during summer time and heating during wintertime.

The cost of the Absorption Chiller is a bit higher than the usual Heat Pumps that use electricity, but  its cost is paid back quickly from the cost of the electricity that is saved.

Please do not hesitate for any more information you may need.

Best Regards,

Drogitis Christos


Greg Blonder

Jul 7, 2016


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What is the ratio between roof area solar collection energy over a year, and building absorption chiller requirements? Assuming your units cover say 20% of the roof (realistically)...