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Clive Lord

Dec 31, 2013


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You & I need dialogue. My proposal, for a Citizens' Basic Income, is still in moderation. Briefly, the problem is the 'Tragedy of the Commons'. Some misunderstand it or oppose it because they distrust or dislike its main proponent - Garrett Hardin. Rather than make this comment lengthy, see my blog, particularly my book résumé:

Laur Hesse Fisher

Jan 2, 2014


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Hi Steve, Thanks for your contest suggestion! Your proposal touches upon a very important point, and something that was discussed heavily at our Crowds & Climate conference in 2013. You may want to check out (and include as a resource) two videos from the conference, from the “Organizing Crowds to Influence Policy” and “Shaping Public Attitudes and Behaviors” panels ( There were some very insightful conversations from top thought leaders on what needs to happen to shift people’s understanding of and reactions to climate change. Your suggestion is similar to a contest we ran in 2013, “Shifting cultures for a changing climate” (, which we are planning to re-run in 2014. It would be helpful to hear how what you’re proposing is different, and any suggestions you have on how we could improve it. Another thing you could think about, is what other awards could we offer the most innovative endeavors? Sometimes there are more helpful things than money to get a project going. Maybe a featured blog by Andrew Revkin, or endorsement by a non-profit (which?), or media coverage by a top news source, or celebrity backing, etc. Could you also provide the specific references of the documents you mention? These could be very helpful to potential authors. Thank you! Laur Fisher Climate CoLab staff