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The first step towards mitigation of climate change effects is the awerenes of environimentally friendly sources of energy, renewable energy



In line with Sustainable Development Goals Going green TV series is a going to be a conversation starter on matters renewable energy in Kenya which is directly connected to climate change and global warming . The TV series shall explore the various renewable/green energy models that people can use in their establishments whether domestic rural or urban or in their businesses, cooperate and industries.

It shall explore new and existing techniques and expound on how green energy can be used to improve lives and save costs as well as encourage people to participate in global energy conservation. Using this series, we shall create awareness amongst people about various green energy technologies, its applications and implications, shed light on renewable energy driven programmes by organizations and provide a weekly platform to discuss matters renewable energy for the sector. This TV series addresses matters touching on women, children, youth and humanity in regards to the environment, climate change and renewable energy.

This concept is new, fresh and timely given the conversations everyone is having on global warming, climate change, the environment and  renewable energy(solar, wind , bio mass and hydro). This will be a first in this country and in the continent.

Here is a link for the trailer

What actions do you propose?

Most individuals in this country an unaware of the impact climate change has on the continent of Africa . actually the largest percentage think that it will take years before Africa starts experiencing effect of climate change. what they do not know is that africa is the worst hit when it comes to climate change effects with people dying every day as a result of floods and heat waves. This is the reason the is very little action .

The media drives conversation on so many issues that is why this idea was born in order to start serious conversation on climate change the environment and what individuals, cooperates, industries nd government can do to mitigate effect of climate change.

Awareness is one key element to start this conversation. a weekly tv show that tells people it is bad to cut down trees for charcoal used in cooking and lighting instead give them an option of renewables like improved cook stoves and solar lamps because they continue with traditional way they increase carbon emotion at the same time doing harm to the environment.

Who will take these actions?

Through the TV series government will be made awere of technologies they can use in their installations( Police Camps, army barracks and school to save on energy) also we will show government how other economies in the worlrd are taking action in regards to climate change and policies to adapt.

business will be shown way to save on energy featuring business in the tv show that have gone green . this will apply to other organizations including and not limited to learning institutions. As for the learning institutions we will instigate the need to establish more energy research departments that are driven by addressing climate change. 

Where will these actions be taken?

This tv show is going to start and air in Kenya , then in the second season , focus in east Africa the Africa as a whole.

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

The TV show will be aired on NTV kenya on Sunday 1:30 pm NTV has a viewership of 535,000 per time block, NTV highest day of viewership is on Sunday 7:30am 9:30pm, with an average of 930,000 viewers. The show will also have repeats on weekdays.

The agriculture and forestry and other land use (AFOLU) sectors were the largest emitters, accounting for approximately two-thirds of emissions in 2010, mainly due to emissions from livestock and deforestation,. Energy demand was the next largest emitting sector in 2010, accounting for about 16 percent of emissions, followed by transportation at about 10 percent.

If averagely 500,000 people would made aware of effect of climate change and how to mitigate the effect then the figure will tremendously drop

What are other key benefits?

Improvement of health(respiratory diseases will reduce) this will be achived in the awareness on the tv show on the burning of agricultural residue and against use of kerosene lamps.

Also economic empowerment since campaigns on forestation will create jobs for the young people of Kenya

What are the proposal’s costs?

The cost of the proposal and project is on production and airing of the tv show

The cost is split into two the production cost( KSH 150,000) and cost of buying airtime(KSH 232,000) . Since the cost of one episode is KSH 383,000. This means to do a 26 episode series the total cost is Ksh 9,958,000.00

Time line

Three episodes are already produced, edited  and ready for airing as soon as we get the funds for full production the project takes off. to maintain relevance. the show will be produced and at the same time it is airing . the show will also take a break after the 13th episode

We intend to start airing starting July.

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